Jude's Bar and Grill (CLOSED)

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Jude's Bar and Grill

Went for dinner with a group of friends on Saturday night - was lovely meal and good service (altho one of the mains arrived a bit later than the others). Food really good although limited choice for veggies. Had a drink downstairs after (the restaurant made sure we got a seat) and was very busy, even at 8.30. Decor has been really well done too.

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451 Ormeau Road
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really impressed great food excellent service would go back again with more friends staff very friendly especially lindsay very helpful courteous and friendly

Submitted by dave on 28th September 2010

cant help but feel that in this location, with the rakes of young profs living in the area that judes just doesnt hit the mark. i live just around the corner and would love to have a bar to rival the places in town on my doorstep, but im afarid judes aint it...why is upstairs always closed off on saturday nights? the place could do a bomb if the charged a few quid upstairs and had a decent dj??

Submitted by Alan B on 1st February 2010

Listen, it's just mad! I've been a visitor to these premisis since the days of the Mercuay, and the changes are, without doubt, immense. The Mercuary was without soul, feeling or warmth. OK, I get that. But a bar is all about the people. Judes has welcomed me as a single man on the pull, with a new-found partner, and as a committed person with children. Never once have I felt uncomfortable or been made to feel unwanted. Quite the opposite, they're more than friendly to ourselves and our children, and that's nothin but a good thing!!

Submitted by g12__ on 27th January 2010

Ate here on 30 December-food really poor.�£11 for sausage and mash which was overpriced and not as advertised.Partner had equally poor Chicken Curry in some vague tomato sauce concoction. Nice Bar but would not recommend eating here

Submitted by Disappointed on 31st December 2009

great bar, great food and great service. the sunday kids eat free is the best, lovely fresh dinners and my little blighters get the same for nothing!

Submitted by fiona magee on 29th November 2009

great bar, orginal and unique great service and very nice food!

Submitted by james mclaverty on 24th October 2009

this bar lacks character. It is nice to look at but as soon as you are seated you wonder what’s happening elsewhere- you feel you are missing out (and im not talking about the errigle) but it really needs something fresh and new to get a decent return crowd.

Submitted on 17th August 2009

I wondered into Judes last Monday and have to say was so impressed with both the quality of the cocktails and the level of customer service. So often when asking for cocktails in many bars in Belfast the staff act like their world has just come to an end!

Not so in Judes! Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

Submitted on 7th August 2009


This bar is definitely one of Belfast's best kept secrets!

Submitted by Petra Carson on 1st August 2009

Just had my daughter's christening upstairs in Jude's and I have to say as functions go, it is really very hard to beat, both the food and service were excellent!

Submitted by martin mc nally on 14th July 2009

its not often you find a bar with so much personality, great service, very nice bunch of staff!

Submitted on 3rd July 2009

great wee bar, loves it!

Submitted by donna marie on 30th June 2009

this bar does a lot of events regularly, more than your run of the mill serve some food serve some pints affair, love it, very friendly staff

Submitted on 29th May 2009

Not the best! Not good at all. I think most of the positive reviews have been written by their marketing department. Although the cheap drink covers a multitude of sins!!!!

Submitted on 1st May 2009

Great food and lovely beer promotions.Friendly staff and a great Sunday carvery!alttough i noticed that the tea-pots were dirty!Overall a credit to the staff

Submitted by phil on 29th April 2009

The Ormeau Road needed something pretty like this. Sometimes i love it and was wowed when it first arrived but sometimes I get bored and hop over to the Errigal!

Submitted by girlabouttown on 28th April 2009

Great Bar for food and drink. Kids free on a Sunday and they have the Friday Club with Â�£2pints and half price wine every friday. During the recession this is what the ounters need!

Submitted on 26th April 2009

Great bar, food and service, love the decor and they always seem to have an event or two goin on!

Submitted by jean dunbar on 25th April 2009

grear bar, a breath of fresh air for the road! quirky little spot

Submitted by ryan ketterick on 13th April 2009

went here for the first time on mother's day, was excellent, food, service and the goodie bag for the mothers will definitely be back !!!!!

Submitted by angela oneill on 23rd March 2009

Great bar, just moved to the area, good food and the service is relaxed and friendly, despite the credit crunch they always seem to be busy

Submitted by sonya on 15th March 2009

love it, great bar, lovely food and excellent service

Submitted by phillip on 15th March 2009

Called in for lunch as it was quiet and thought we'd be served quickly, unfortunately not. Staff where very friendly but it took 30 mins to get a soup and sandwich, the food was good but i'd be happier with a subway in 5mins, there was only one other table eating so i expected better. I might give them a second chance, but not during my lunch break.

Submitted on 24th November 2008

i love judes, its stylish but not snooty, the staff are great and you wouldnt get a better meal anywhere on the road! sundays are great for food and the kids get to eat free!

Submitted by phillip on 21st November 2008

Nice place if your looking somewhere to chill out. Doormen were dead-on, as were the staff.

Submitted by Dylan on 15th October 2008

went to Judes on 6/9/2008, was a good night. Food was good and atmosphere was ok, it would be better if you were able to dance. Bar staff were friendly, doormen friendly although one of them should invest in a razor and a smile wouldnt hurt.. I would go back

Submitted by Sarah on 8th September 2008

Lovely place wrong area! Trying to be something that clearly does not work on the ormeau rd.. Staff are ok food is standard. No sports?? you can have a bar and avoid spides and scum bags and show sports. Surprised this bar has not shut down yet with the amount of people that are NOT in it... Get it sorted..

Submitted by K.Slater on 26th May 2008

Great when it opened - but food has serioulsy gone down hill

Submitted by A Watkins on 24th May 2008

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