Jaxx Belfast (CLOSED)

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Jaxx Belfast


Open seven nights from 9pm til late providing food & nightly entertainment & great drink promos Sunday thru to Friday.

Jaxx is located in the heart of Belfast's city centre -Bruce Street-(beside the Movie House, Dublin Road)

Only opened at the end of Sept 2010 the place has become a central hub for people looking for a lively and fun filled night out.

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25 - 27 Bruce Street
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Why could you possibly like the convoluted idea of having to get poker chips any time you want to buy more drinks? Money has worked perfectly well in other establishments for hundreds of years at this stage, so I hardly think some poor excuse for a nightclub in Belfast is going to be able to change that in one fell swoop. It's daft, the club is wick, it's half empty at best most nights and the last time I went down to go a couple of Sundays ago, it had closed early because not a single person had paid in apparently. It'll be closed in no time.

Submitted by Johnno on 16th November 2010

Quite liked Jaxx if im honest, reading the comments other people are writing. In my opinion the staff were lovley, floor anyway, this small guy on the main bar was abit of a jerk but apart from that lovley club, great music (especially on a thursday) loving the poker chip idea..

Submitted by Amerie M on 16th November 2010

Is it just me or is this just not a smaller version of Rain - same pretentious managers, same slow/rude staff who are more worried about what they look like than actually serving customers, same LOUD music, same wet dirty floors and same stupid door policy aka if your in any way normal looking its the "not tonight" policy. O, but the only difference is THE STUPID CHIPS. I went 3 Fridays ago with my boyfriend and 2 mates. Another friend was meeting us later. We were asked for I.D which was fine but when 1 doorman let us in another threw his hand up to my boyfriends chest and held him back, looked him up and down and then decided to let him in. Strange but we got in. Then came in the chips. Again, strange but quirky. It wasn't very busy and the music was far too loud. Sounded like the walls were going to cave in. About an hour and a half later I got a txt from our other friend saying she had been refused entry and the doormen wouldn't give her a reason. As you do, I went to ask questions which of course the doormen wouldn't answer or get the manager so we just decided to leave as the club was very poor anyway. The doormen then had the cheek to refuse me re-entry to get the rest of my party and as the music was so loud it took us 15mins out in the cold before my boyfriend came to see where I was. During this time another guy who looked like just another customer then came out and started talking to the doormen and I overheard a doorman refering to my friend as a dog. Now my friend isn't the model looking type but she certainly is not a dog and not ugly in any way! She gets a lot of male attention when we go out and has been in a relationship for 5years. It was simlpy because she is a little older than us and was not out in a short skirt with her chest up round chin like most of the females in that bar. She is 31, had just got out of work so she had grey high waist trousers and a white shirt on. I really don't see what they saw. I think it was disgusting the way she was treated and I would suggest any self respecting person to stay away!!!

Submitted by katie on 11th November 2010

Just what Belfast has been looking for! Another boring, badly designed club with an awful music policy and even worse crowd! Well I suppose it stops badly dressed kids from drinking in the street!

Submitted on 22nd October 2010

Paying with poker chips that you buy from someone is a stupid idea. Money works in every venue and shop across the world, why is this place different? Tried this place for the second time on Friday night past and whilst it's not a bad club I suppose we found ourselves for the second time leaving because there wasn't anyone there and there was zero atmosphere.

Submitted by Basement Jacks on 18th October 2010

Didnt like it. The poker chip idea is terrible, they are re-fundable if not all spent. The lighting is great. Dj and music poor. I would have been happier going too the crown xD

Submitted by kev on 16th October 2010

What a brilliant venue. Great to have a new place to go to and meet and see new faces.

Really nice decor and friendly door staff, makes a pleasant change from other pretentious places in town.

Submitted by Ryan M on 15th October 2010

The place is full of hotties and I dont just mean the staff!!!

Great drinks promotions 2 for 1 cocktails- you can't go wrong!!!

Submitted by Shelly C on 15th October 2010

Went to Jaxx on thursday night, student night and it was great. Loving the poker chips idea, very unique.

Music was great and the crowd was really up for it.

Would definitely recommend it.

Submitted by Ross B on 15th October 2010

Awsome night, cheap and brill music!!!!

Submitted by Natalie on 8th October 2010

Apparently they're a nightclub operating with a restaurant license, hence the poker chips and chef's special nonsense. Not getting much of a crowd. Expensive and annoying being left with a load of very costly and useles poker chips at the end of the night.

Submitted by Eggbert on 4th October 2010

Apparently they don't have a proper license so that's why you need poker chips.

Music is loud and not good. Smells of damp already?!?!?! Drinks are expensive, staff were rude.

Submitted by Vicki R on 3rd October 2010

Was there on thursday night and the place was buzzing, the music was amazing, Â�£2 a drink you can't go wrong and there was loads of people there dancing all night long, will deffo be back again, about time belfast go a new club to go too, and for paying by poker chips its something new and easy to understand and you can get your money back on the chips you dont spend :D win win

Submitted by Ryan S on 2nd October 2010

Was at this place last week. It's small and very very weird. YOu have to buy drinks with poker chips and there's noone there really. Won't be back, we all had a bad time, left and went to Rain.

Submitted by Sidney Poitier on 28th September 2010

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