Irene And Nans (CLOSED)

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Irene And Nans

Resturant and bar in Brunswick Street that has been arounfd since April 2003.
Named, it is said, after two old ladies who frequented a nearby pub and fancied themselves as glamour queens, I and N?s has its own unique twist on retro glamour.

A large open-plan space, its centrepiece is a long, solid white-stone bar counter lit from beneath in a golden glow. The wall behind it is packed with vintage 50s clocks, while rows of shelves in the standing areas are lined with dusty cameras, radios and gramophones that continue the curiosity shop theme. A 30-seater bistro to one side serves tasty modern European dishes

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Irene And Nans
12 Brunswick Street
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my husband and myself was in belfast for the weekend, we went to irene and nans on sat night, i had said to the very nice young man that it was my birthday and he presented me with a bottle of champagne,he was so nice ,we had a lovely meal which was very cheap, i will definitely recommend this bar to all my friends,the staff were out of this world, thank you .

Submitted by mags on 29th April 2013

Just bring back the old Nans with the old Djs.... this place used to rock... its such a shame.

Submitted by disgusted on 14th May 2012

My partner an I went to Irene and Nans last night and were refused admission because of the Timberland boots rule. The dresscode on the website does not mention no boots just no sportswear. I understand the point about people kicking cr*p out of eachother but as a bar worker myself have seen many fights and a pair of leather shoes can do as much if not more damage than rubber soled suede timberland boots. Also stiletto heels are a much more dangerous weapon and are not outlawed

Submitted on 1st April 2012

some bars dont let men in now with boots on as fellas like to kick ten bells of cr*p out of each other so its for health and safety reason not FASHION reason!!!!

Submitted on 23rd March 2012

Again with the timberlands, what is the problem are the owners such snobs that they just refuse point blank to let anyone in with these boots on? business must be really good if your turning away paying customers its a joke I only wanted a pint not crystal ...wise up

Submitted on 1st October 2011

DISCUSTED!,went last night with a crowd of about 15.two of the crowd were wearing timberland boots so we wernt allowed in,its a joke!!!,the doorman was a nice guy and explained to us in a good way but the owners of this place need to get their act together!,its only a bar not a five star hotel,in england they let you into anywhere with tattoos trainers tracksuit bottoms!,not that i would wear any of those to a bar but im trying to make a point,so to the owner of the place get it sorted!!!,ALSO i have written tothe media concerning this matter and i will do everything in my power to get this silly rule overturned! cheers.

Submitted by timberland! on 11th September 2011

Cannot believe that this bar was closed for over a month for a "refurb"!! Could someone please explain to me what has been done here? We nipped in on a sat night and the place was very quiet and there is no evidence of refurbishment what so ever!! Totally insult to the customers who have thrown money at this bar over the years and this is what we are given in return!! My friends and I will not return to this place anytime soon.

Went to washington and Vaudeville, much classier bars and far cleaner surroundings.

Irene and Nans has cleary not invested any money it has made and it shows. Very sad as I have had many great times in that bar.

Seems like the management have totally lost interest in this place and its evident!

Submitted by Marty on 25th February 2011

What happened guys? Used to be one of the better bars in belfast. Food is still up to standerd but unfortunately the surroundings so not!

The venue is generally filthy and the customer serivce is non-existant. The last time I was in it was dead and there were several dirty tables while the bar staff and presumably manager chatted at the end of the bar.

Management seem to have lost interrest and it shows....pity because it used to be one of my favourite spots back in the day...

Submitted on 7th August 2009

I ended up in here for lunch on a Saturday and had been curious to try it out for sometime. Whilst the service left a lot to be desired, the food was suprisingly good. I had a chicken caesar salad which was lovely and fresh, an the chicken appeared to be marinated in pesto which was tasty. My boyfriend had a burger which looked good and was served with homemade chips which were really tasty. I must remark on how cheap the drinks were - I think you could get a bottle of wine for about �£6 which is fairly unheard of in Belfast. They also do 2 for 1 cocktails all day everyday except for Friday/Saturday nights after 8pm. The atmosphere is grand, didn't blow me away but certainly a decent place for a few drinks and some food. The service, I said, was very slow and ineffecient - I was nearly tempted to clean a few tables myself as the waiter was not so great.

2 meals with a bottle of water, an orange juice and 2 cocktails came to around �£24 which I couldn't really complain about. I would visit again.

Submitted by Anna on 3rd August 2009

this place is one of the best spots in belfast, and believe me ther is very few, andy macnally plays great songs u can sing along to on a friday and stevie nicholl plays the best old skool house iv heard on a sat, its dead durin the week but is always busy on the weekend so u can be waitin a while at the bar but u can clearly see the staff r tryin ther hardest, i used to wrk in a bar an sum of the abuse they get is uncalled for, the only bad thing i can say about this is it seems ther tryin to make it in to a wetherspoons, which is great for cheap drink but the crowd is startin to turn, but doormen r good!! over all i would recommend it on a friday r saturday!!

Submitted on 28th June 2009

I wonder if any of the people who run these places in Belfast ever read these reviews because there never seems to be any improvement in the venues - if they do I wish they would leave some feedback. My friends and I spend a lot of weekends over in Newcastle Upon Tyne and always have a ball there. Over there you can more or less walk in and out of any club at anytime without all the 'regulars only' rubbish that you get here and it's far better for it. the music there is a mixture of chart and dance classics along with the odd oldy, not the obscure DJ's personal favourites or repeated 70's-80's CD they seem to always play here and in general the service and atitude of staff is far better. I wish clubs here would take a look and realise what it takes to create a thriving nightlife.

Submitted by Tony H on 5th February 2009

The worst pub in the whole of Belfast. Never setting foot in it again. The Aussie barman is a complete and utter ****.


Submitted by Bassy on 18th January 2008

Fairly "hip"... not too busy and a decent selection of drinks!

Bar is done out very nicely and has more charachter than your average gastro bar...

Toilets are very cool!

Bar staff are just fine and didnt have any issues with the doormen either... Altogether a pleasant place!


Submitted by Tomski on 21st December 2007

decent enough bar, but isn't it about time (pun intended) they changed those daft looking clocks?

Submitted by hugh cee on 3rd October 2006

this is the previous owners son. i would like to point out that it was actually named after my grandmother and aunt who did not frequent a nearby pub.

Submitted by luke wolsey on 28th August 2006

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