Filthy McNastys

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Filthy McNastys on the Dublin Road.

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45 Dublin Road
County Antrim
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Got KB'd for the first time in years out in Belfast.

Bouncers were weird. No chat, just rude. More like hoods than professional door staff. Surprising for a bar I'd been recommended. I think I'll keep my beer tokens for the Cathedral Quarter in future.

Regulars only is what they told my pal after she tried to get in having been there for the last 3 weeks.

If your not from the city or over 25 it seems dont bother. That's what I've been told since, disappointing.

Submitted by Bouncers Losing them Custom on 30th May 2014

Hey was just wondering did this happen to anyone else but I was quite offended at the time I went here last sunday and the bouncer said I wasn't dressed up enough for a sunday night I had a belfast met hoody on and like grey leggings and pointed to a girl in a dress and sed she was dressed apropiately (sorry if spelling is wrong) than he wasn't going to let me in but did after I apologised for my dress sense which made me feel really small and ashamed like it was freezing so I wasn't going to go out in a dress!! So I went in was sober enough just felt really offended! Than when I went back out I was thinking why should I let someone treat me like that so I went over to the bouncer again and said he was being rude to me and sexist he said he wasn't it was the dress policy which I have never heard of!! So I asked to speak to the manerger she said it was the dress policy if it was a monday or tuesday what I was wearing would have been ok but basically not for a sunday night I said well as u can see its cold so what could I wear she said jeans were acceptable and a nice top and a jacket like if ur going on a night out sudnt u be able to wear what your comfortable in oh and trainers aren't acceptable either apparently like sorry but not all off us want to wear heels! And the bouncer also said that all pubs or nightclubs have this ridiculous dress code thing going on! Which I don't believe is true I've been to loads of pubs laverys, thompsons, cuckoo and none of them have sed I cudnt go in cus the way I was dressed am I right or what has this happened to anyone else cus tbh made me feel like shit.

Submitted by zoe on 6th January 2014

BIGGEST LIE EVER -> "As head doorman at Filthy's, I understand that the balance between friendly banter and stepping over the mark can vary from customer to customer. If any customer is ever offended, insulted or feels mistreated in any way I would be glad to hear their feed back and help rectify their issues, I feel that my team are the most approachable door team in Belfast and would be more than happy to help with any problems. We are constantly trying to redefine the stereotypical image of the 'doorman' and I think the relaxed atmosphere and friendly approach our bar offers is testament to the job we do, as our 100s of regulars would agree. Hopefully we see you back in our bar soon, and I do sincerely for any distress or upset you may have experienced.

Submitted by Ray O Hare (Head Doorman) "

Submitted on 16th December 2013

Been in Filthys loads of times until one Wednesday night, yes you guessed it " any student id" even though there was lots of non students in side. Will definitely not be back again. Also as im a taxi driver and asked alot were I would recommend, I will telling people to avoid here because you need "student id" and will not get in.

Submitted by colham on 8th July 2013

The bouncers have it right, keep the oldies out and let in the fluff!

Submitted by Ben on 19th March 2013

I do agree the bouncers are totally idiot and rude. If you are frustrated, don`t do a job where you have to deal with people...

Submitted on 2nd February 2013

Really ignorant doorstaff who asked for student ID even tho we are in our 30's???...could be a great bar if they sorted this disgrace out...Have been in a few times and doorstaff always make it difficult..very poor attitude and offputting.

Submitted by G on 28th November 2012

I also have had this student ID problem. I called into this bar a few times for a drink with no bother. So tryed to call in on a saturday which the bouncer said students only. So we where refused entry as we did not have a student ID. As we thought it may be the bouncer having a bad day we attempted 2 weeks later. The bouncer said to us Student ID. So I asked what nights are student nights. He said very rudly go away. student bar all week every week.We wondered how as we were in during the week on a business sociable? On there Web site they Claim - Filthy McNasty's is a relatively new alternative watering hole on Belfast's Dublin Rd, and has something to offer everyone with its succession of themed areas.

The main bar is a stripped back, basic punk rock live music venue which holds no discrimination.

How is this true? No discrimination?

Submitted on 13th October 2012

Funky little spot, always bring visitors to Belfast here for a drink as I think it showcases the musical culture and heritage of the city. Think for a small place - it promotes 3 great, unique venues!! Highly recommend for people looking a chilled placed to drink and enjoy excellent live music!!

I would be a weekly customer to Flithies, and 99 times out of 100, I have a hassle free night!! On one occasion, I bought a round for friends, which cost well over �£20, just before the bar had closed at 1am. By 1:05 and with a full round on our table, we were all asked to leave. Either close the bar at 12:40 and allow people the time to enjoy their drink by 1am or at least give people 20 minutes to finish their drinks at the other end!! This is a problem that seems to be widespread in Belfast and not just flithies... but either way, its a bad end to a usually good night out!! Apart from this one occasion - Flithies, is a great addition to Belfast.

Submitted on 5th October 2012

haha i love how people write on this like they know more about the effects of door policy than the people who came up with it, 'be warned- having bouncers who behave like this is a slippery' who do you think you are? keep on rocking filthys, great bar

Submitted on 30th September 2012

Having attempted to go into this bar on saturday night with 2 friends I was asked "have you student id?". I asked the bouncer as I was a little confused by this whether it was a student bar but he said those with student id or regulars only. My reply was - so is what you mean that we're not getting in? To this he replied yes.

I have been going out in Belfast for 15 years and never once in that time have I been involved in any trouble nor do I look like someone who would and neither I nor anyone in my group(of 3) were in any way drunk.

Our night was planned upon meeting up with people in this bar however we were denied this for no good reason.

Be warned - having bouncers who behave like this is a slippery slope. It turns people off bars. I thought Filthys was better than this and consequently I'm not sure if I would go back.

Submitted on 19th September 2012

great bar - never had a problem with bouncers, always buzzing!

Submitted by happy customer! on 15th August 2012

Great pub, great atmosphere, great music. That is all.

Submitted by Jinjakid(Newcsatle Upon Tyne) on 3rd July 2012

Having read the reviews here it seems like half of them have been written by regulars or staff as being from Belfast I hear often about issues with bouncers and have now experienced this myself.

A friend and I were on our way into the bar to watch the liverpool and chelsea fa cup final. Neither of us had been drinking beforehand... My friend actually had his car with him and wouldnt be drinking at all. The bouncer then asked us for student ID when going in.. i said i wasn't a student (25 years of age) and the bouncer said it was a student day. I Then mentioned that 2 of our friends had gone in seconds before us and both are students and he said we were wrong.

Anyway we stood outside for a few minutes waiting for our friends. In the meantime the bouncer let a nunber of people in without requesting student cards.. think he requested these as I clearly was not still a student. One of our friends that had to come out of the bar was a tourist visiting ireland from Hull for first time so id say she went home with the right impression of the bar too.

Submitted by Nick on 7th May 2012

A great place to go for a casual night out. Great beer garden , friendly bouncers and staff (in my experience). A little more pricey than the likes of the student union but worth it for the atmosphere and live music!

Submitted by Aaron on 30th April 2012

Over from England with 14 other 30-45 year old 'lads' . I've drunk in bars all over the world and this is one of the best little places I've been to. A right gem. No hassle from any door staff on a busy Friday night ( In fact you find they tend to be quite chatty if you don't act like a grade 1 dick ) .Decent friendly staff , some lovely girls and a great outdoor courtyard. Oh I also think Harry is reviewing the wrong place. See you next time ...

Submitted by Mick on 30th April 2012

I would say Harry by the sounds of it your a bit clueless!

Filthys has a really cool crowd, if your insecure about fashion, style or music you would be better drinking elsewhere.

Submitted by Jaz on 11th April 2012

A mate dragged me here over the weekend. Bouncer looked us up and down, waited ages to get a pint. Place was full of people who needed a wash. Maybe I'm just not cool enough ;)

Submitted by Harry Millis on 2nd April 2012

The bar staff are not very accomodating and offer a poor service, probably due to lack of experience. I've been in a few times now and the staff lack urgency. They tend to dilly dally about and look at you strangely and have have no limes left. The place has better potential given it is a great venue and location

Submitted on 31st March 2012

Bouncers are nasty and arrogant, my friend and i who are both 30 were told in a 'not so pleasant manner' we were too old to get in and were refused entry. Very hurtful and embarrassing will not recommend this place to anyone unless they get rid of the shallow doorstaff and employ pleasant ones!!!

Submitted on 18th March 2012

This bar has the only big and decent beer garden of Belfast. As a result, the place gets packed every weekend and bouncers seem to refuse people a lot. I suppose the problem is not the bouncers, but the failure of other bars to offer an equally awesome beer garden!

Submitted by Gerry on 18th March 2012

bring back dempsys this spot is the pits filthy by name filthy inside [p's] beleve me there is better

Submitted by noel mc on 13th March 2012

Bouncers here are very unfriendly. Everything else OK

Submitted by John on 28th February 2012

Fantastic bar, one of a kind, love it!

Submitted on 21st February 2012

Best beer gargen and smoking area in Belfast! There is also another new bar that joins from the smoking area, small but nice and cosy. Filthy Chic and Filthy McNastys is class!!

Submitted by Mark McNulty on 6th February 2012

Here last night and the door staff were the rudest I have ever come across - would not recommend this place to anyone.

Submitted by Louise on 5th February 2012

"The bouncers can be a bit annoying but don't let that put you off!!" - understatement of the century

Submitted on 4th February 2012

The map is showing Dempseys! LOL

Submitted by Glenn on 2nd February 2012

Its a really nice bar with a funky interior! The bouncers can be a bit annoying but don't let that put you off!!

Submitted on 22nd January 2012

Bouncers are unfriendly and selective. I imagine their work is well-intended and benefits the safety of customers, but it gives the place a bad vibe. Enter before 8 or 9 to avoid the risk of being refused.

On a positive note, they have Hoegaarden on tap which is great!

Submitted by Disappointed Tourist on 22nd January 2012

went last week for a drink in the beer garden and was suprised to see they've opened another new bar! small and warm and they seem to be focusing on high end cocktails this time. will definatly be going back to filthy chic:)

Submitted on 22nd January 2012

It's not too bad. I imagine the regulars are most likely bell-ends but there is enough space to avoid there "coolness gravity" in the beer garden. I have never had a problem with door staff although I have seen them turn a couple of guys away as they were not studenty enough (this must be the bars version of the final solution). It's not a bar I would desire to frequent but I don't mind the occasional visit. Summing the place up in a few words I'd have to say - Not too bad, ok for a change.

Submitted by pedros pedros galli on 14th January 2012

Have to say I love this bar. It is exactly what was needed to take the monopoly from Laverys as a good place to hang out for pints with friends. Great quirky interior (ala made in Belfast) and the new back bar is a brilliant addition to the outdoor spaces available for summer drinks in Belfast (shame they missed their timing a bit this year).

I have never had any trouble with the bouncers despite not being a student. My only compaint is the clientele can be of the poser variety but it is a source of entertainment to pick them out of the rest of the people in the bar. Lensless glasses etc Keep it going guys!

Submitted by Beer Lao lover! on 19th December 2011

Really enjoyed our night there last night. Good music and mostly good crowd. Only complaint is that they served us drink at 1pm then promptly threw us out of the main bar to the garden and then out of there straight away. Why serve drinks if you can't actually drink them????

Submitted by Maeve on 4th December 2011

not surprised that there is reviews complaining about the door staff. They are very rude. I cant see this bar lasting.

Submitted by okim on 21st November 2011

Great bar and great beer garden - staff friendly and....they do Beer Lao. Result!!

Submitted by BigMe - Not a Student! on 9th November 2011

went to filthys last nite after chilli peppers because a few friends suggested we'd like the music and style of the place. turned out it was open mic nite which isnt everybody's cup of tea granted.. but its was a fantastic. the bar has a great easy going attitude and was totally buzzing. it was almost as if everyone in the place were old friends ha! good service and a wee late drink made this a really top nite out and we'll defo be back.. esp to see charley the barmaid lol... checked out the beer garden but was about 10 degrees the wrong side of comfortable for that. get a canopy on that folks and ur onto a winner! keep up the good work ))

Submitted by tom cruising on 7th November 2011

I really hate reading bad reviews of a great bar! Filthys is a fantastic venue. The staff are amazing, the beer garden is the best in Belfast, and the clientele are chilled out, relaxed individuals. Sorry to say it bad review people, but if you were turned away its not because you didn't have student id, it's because you look like trouble :-)

Submitted by devil in eden on 1st November 2011

loovve this place! great atmosphere- so chilled out and the beer garden is out of this world! Bar staff are hot as well :)

Submitted by on 31st October 2011

i have tred to get into this bar at least three times and all times turned away for not being a student!! this lower half of dublin road isnt a student zone .i had been going to this building long before filthy mcnastys took it over- i dont know who these bouncers think they are we thw people of belfast deserve a drink in a bar .bring back dempseys !!!

Submitted by andy on 23rd October 2011

Is filthy's full of students or what is the age group?

Submitted on 5th October 2011

As head doorman at Filthy's, I understand that the balance between friendly banter and stepping over the mark can vary from customer to customer. If any customer is ever offended, insulted or feels mistreated in any way I would be glad to hear their feed back and help rectify their issues, I feel that my team are the most approachable door team in Belfast and would be more than happy to help with any problems. We are constantly trying to redefine the stereotypical image of the 'doorman' and I think the relaxed atmosphere and friendly approach our bar offers is testament to the job we do, as our 100s of regulars would agree. Hopefully we see you back in our bar soon, and I do sincerely for any distress or upset you may have experienced.

Submitted by Ray O Hare (Head Doorman) on 21st September 2011

The main bouncer in this establishment is an absolute disgrace! The personal insults myself and female colleague heard while in line outside the bar were indeed filthy and nasty! Insults clearly said for entertainment purposes as we stood minding our own business in the queue. Little did the idiot know he was insulting two female journalists! You picked the wrong one mucker... Such a shame an ignorant, over-sized idiot can ruin a decent venue :(

Submitted by Filthy Nasty Bouncer! on 19th September 2011

Well done Filthy's staff and management this is a well run bar with a great atmosphere and unique style, it is unpretentious and easy going, perfect any night of the week! And by all accounts it seems to be hitting the mark with a lot of other folk as it is clearly very busy at the minute! Last Thursday me and the guys from work headed on a pub crawl, we started in the old faithful Duke of York before heading to Fibbers (which was quiet), then on to Katy's (which also was quiet) before heading to Auntie Annies (which was very quiet), the night seemed to be going from bad to worse! So I asked one of the bar staff where was good on a Thursday, to which they replied 'everybody goes to Filthy's these days', that was that sorted, pints necked across the road we headed, only to be met by a small queue, '5mins' the doorman informed us. The place was buzzing and really lifted what was inevitably going to be a dull night! Brilliant craic! God I just realised I sound like one of those crazy bar critics :-)

Submitted by Olly on 5th September 2011

Filthy by name- Nasty by nature- well named for this dunp. Bouncers froms the 80's and bar staff without a clue- all in I'd rather flush my money down the toilet than spend it in this place.

Submitted on 2nd September 2011

Best bar in Belfast at the moment. At last someone competing with the dirty Bot for the sunday night crowd. The atmosphere is always friendly and the secret garden is simply out of this world. BAr service is always prompt and there is always the presence of the manager, which shows they care about how the place is ran and what kind of crowd is in. The live music inside is so refreshing and well needed for this city. The student ID thing does worry me though. Although me and my friends have never had a problem with door staff. The fact is, the normal 25 person spends way more in bars than stingy students. However keep away the chavs.

Submitted by Orla ( not a student) Belfast on 24th August 2011

I have to say I love this place! I love popping in mid week and absorbing the atmosphere, the mix of people is perfect, quirky and interesting.

On my last visit for instance on one table there bunch of film geeks discussing a creative offering on show in the QFT, while on another table were a group of punks going over plans for their weekend ahead. At the bar a group of young guys stopping off for a cheeky pint on their way home from the gym and in the corner a petite girl sitting alone engrossed in a book while sipping a glass of red wine.

How anyone can speak negatively of this place totally bemuses me! Surely more of this is what Belfast needs?

Submitted on 23rd August 2011

i totally urge everyone to totally disregard any negitive comments about the bar or the staff. Belfast has been crying out for this type of bar for years. The bar itself is so cool and is without doubt staffed and managed by a professional

Submitted on 16th August 2011

Wow, stumbled across this bar last weekend. I had heard of it but never tried it before. The beer garden is fantastic and without a doubt the best outdoor space in Belfast. Very busy and live music in the bar. I have just read some bad reviews about staff but I have to say I found them very friendly. Good mix of customers. I will be back. Debs

Submitted by Debs on 12th August 2011

Loving the new beer garden at filthy mcnastys. Seems to of had a great buzz about it every night iv been. good to see a bar that can become 3 times the size but keep a chilled out vibe about it. well done filthys cya at the weekend.

Submitted by Emma on 10th August 2011

The Secret Garden is simply amazing, it's so glad to see something so unique coming to the staid Belfast bar scene! Keep up the good work guys, can't wait to see whats coming next.

Submitted by Patrick on 10th August 2011

The student card thing is a nice way of turning away scum bags and generally uncool people. Im not a student and I go every week! Best bar garden in the Belfast by a mile. Well done Hassy!

Submitted on 8th August 2011

Just a horrible bar-

Submitted on 30th July 2011

the name says it all along with the van quote over the door so bloody pretentious turning customers away because they are not students! what a way to run a business can't wait till it goes the same way as dempseys all because of the door policy good thinking

Submitted by tommy on 25th July 2011

Filthies is definitly the place to be these days friendly staff with a bit of banter.. for all those who say they were turned away for student id i think its because they want no part of the old Dempseys to make it in, i have been there hundreds of times and never once seen a fight or even a confrontation so for those saying the door policy is to strict i say keep it going it works!!!!

Submitted by regular on 26th June 2011

Seems like a cool bar on the surface, bar staff not very friendly though and doorstaff perv at girls. Drink a little overpriced. The door policy doesn't seem transparent.

Submitted by Pat on 8th May 2011

I went to show a few friends my 'new fave bar in belfast' last monday night. of course the doormen pulled the old student id geg to us, i have been to filthys countless times and know the craic with it. we were very well dressed after coming from a brand launch and 3 of us actually wor for an entertainment magazine. needless to say my friends were not impressed. change your doormen/policy asap folks

Submitted by Someone You Should Not Annoy on 13th April 2011

I hear allot of comments here about not getting in to this place- You are the lucky ones. I unfortunately was accepted (I feel so privileged) this place is a badly run dump with bad staff, posers and door staff that are from the 90's. Avoid this place- they do not deserve your money.

Submitted by Never Again on 31st March 2011


'Course that's only recent...

Previously I went to "Pips International" there.

And previous to that, it was all part of the "Elbow Rooms" complex...

Submitted by Old, Old Person.... on 22nd March 2011

I have been several times to this bar and initially thought great, funky little up beat bar... only to come up against the favourable door men who also in the company of couple of older male, where asked for the faithful student ID, this widely use excuse has been confirmed by a member of staff (say no names, of course) as the easiest way for the doormen to refuse entry.... unfortunately for what reason I am not sure, you wouldn't mind if it for unreasonable behaviour or if you've had to much, but come on, sort it out Management!! Pity it could have been good!

Submitted by little miss unhappy on 30th January 2011

We were out in a group of about 15 people last night for two friends' birthdays and headed for Filthy's to try it out for the first time, hoping it was a step up from what used to be Dempseys, only to be told it was student IDs only?! All being in our late 20s we obviously didn't have student IDs only driving licences etc. Seems odd then that about 5 of our friends that had walked on before us were able to get in, without any ID?? They really need to sort it out or they'll find when all the students go home for the summer people won't be interested in going. The bouncers are awful, completely look through you. Not a good first impression of the place at all, management really need to look into that!! When they wise up, I won't be back, who wants to go somewhere that you get an initial response like that!! Back to Fibbers or McHugh's I say where the bouncers have a bit of life and craic about them!!

Submitted on 30th January 2011

I don't understand the student thing but my guess is that it'll end soon enough because lets face it a few poeople out on the town after a weeks honest work with a wad of cash will spend alot more than some stingy student.

students are more likely to start trouble aswell,every been in the holylands?

sort it out mcnastys

Submitted by conner on 21st January 2011

Me and a few mates have been to this bar on several occasions and enjoyed it. However, I recently went here with a group of friends one of which was over thirty and the rest all mid to low 20s and we were all refused entry because we didn't have student ids. Funny since this was the evening that the students were rioting in the city centre. You won't survive long in the summer with no students around.

Submitted on 28th December 2010

I was interested to see other reviews stating that the door men are ill-mannered. We too had problems with the door men. I complained to the owner/management a month or 2 later after a couple of incidents, (during the day, when we managed to walk right in)! We were apologised to and assured there would be no more problems getting through the door. So far it has been ok, although saying that we dont go as much as we would have, even though it is the closest bar to us.

I dont understand the 'student thing'. We are in our 'young' 30's and have never been asked for student ID's. I must enquire about this, but ive a feeling the doormen maybe making this up, just for an excuse to turn people away.

Submitted on 18th December 2010

turned away last night around 9pm because we didnt have student id. Although had been in the bar earlier for a drink. The doormen are ill mannered, will not be visiting this place again. Would love a reponse from the management

Submitted on 15th December 2010

Love this place and Halloween decor is amazing

Submitted on 22nd October 2010

Hey, I go to Filthies twice per week and just love it. The guys are strict when it comes to letting people in, but remember what this used to be. People get annoyed when they are refused entry, but it happens everywhere these days, just chill out!

Submitted by JJ on 10th September 2010

Like other people here was turned away on age grounds under the pretence of a 'student night' by an ill mannered doorman. Would advise anyone over 30 NOT to give this bar your money, they are perfectly happy to take your custom during the day but if you go back at night you will be treated like dirt. Hope it goes out of business sooner rather than later.

Submitted on 31st August 2010

I come here every Friday after work for a well deserved bottle of Prosecco (or two) with the girls and we just love it!

Submitted by Amy on 27th August 2010

out for the evening going to see a film with my daughters, had arranged to meet two of them in your establisment, was refused entry the reason given by your very rude doorman, sorry STUDENTS ONLY my two daughters are aged 32 and 27, guess who wont being visting your bar,

Submitted by disappointed almost customer on 14th August 2010

Love this place, it's like drinking in a strange little wonderland! I need my filthy fix twice a week lol x

Submitted by Rebecca on 7th August 2010

I was here last night with a few friends and we had such a great nights craic! Such a lovely eclectic mix of people. We went after work for one drink and enjoyed it so much that we were the last to leave. The Cuban Mules were delicious and very moreish! The door staff were very friendly and welcoming, and even had a bit of banter with us when we were out polluting our lungs. The bar staff were friendly and fun, something you don't get very often these days! This is place is just what Belfast needed. I will definately be back at Filthy's!

Submitted by Pete on 28th July 2010

Best wee bar in Belfast!

Submitted by Lorna on 28th July 2010

I went for the first time last week, I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about! I have to say it lives up to all the positive reviews, exactly what Belfast needs, a great bar with cool tunes and even cooler drinks list!

Submitted by Jon on 26th July 2010

I have to say this bar is totally ground breaking for Belfast! The vibe and atmosphere is spine shudderingly cool! The only shock in store is at the end of the night, when you step out the doors and realise you are in Belfast and not some back street in London!!

Submitted by Mike on 22nd July 2010

I was turned away last night, we are a couple in our late forties, well dressed and respectable. We were turned away because we were not students with id cards. We were subjected to a torrent of abuse from one of the doormen when I pointed out that I could see people in the bar who were older than us and very obviously not students. I will be steering well clear off this establishment and so will my wide circle of friends.

Submitted on 4th July 2010

Went there on a Mon nite for a few quiet Birthday drinks, was chilled out nice relaxed atmosphere, decor is very eclectic with mannequins in tutus and candles in wine bottles, I liked it was perfect quiet bar for a few bevvies to have a chat with friends and had a guy doing an acoustic session was cool. me likey

Submitted by Gracie on 15th June 2010

Nothing like Dempseys apart from some of the archirecture. I really like it. Cool atmosphere and friendly staff. A bit fussy abour smoking near the door, but this should not be a prob when the huge "beer garden" they are promising opens. I've heard they turned away some people on grounds of age/appearance (?), but I am no student and am always made welcome ?? Overall gets my vote. Helping to bring Dublin Rd alive again, which is no bad thing.

Submitted by S on 3rd June 2010

i went to dempsys alot when it was open ,so last week i seen that a new bar in town was open thought id try it. wat is this all abut student cards catch yourselfs on in my bar every1 is welcome all. its a watering whole.

Submitted by HORN BLOWER on 30th May 2010

dose any 1 no da number of filthy mcnastys plzz would be big help :)

cheers :*

Submitted by gaga on 21st May 2010

Best venue in Belfast today, love the atmosphere and the friends staff and customers! Music is brilliant live, bands play requests.

Can't think of a bad thing to say, Filthy McNasty's, I love you...

Submitted by Not so much Hitler on 17th May 2010

This is a top venue, cool bar, cool crowd and great music!

It's my new local!

Submitted by Fergal on 17th May 2010

tried to get in the other day was turned away for not having a student id i read in the paper that the bar was for everyone

Submitted on 10th May 2010

I was in this bar a couple of Thursdays ago and was so impressed by the atmosphere. Bar staff were great craic, got talking to friendly people at the bar and ended up out with a whole bunch of new faces. Great interior. Hopefully hear about a few gigs heading their way soon! *****

Submitted by Kerri on 3rd May 2010

their will not be another Dempseys ,when Westy had it, it was the place to be ,people came from all over from young ones to all ages they came an enjoyed them selfs have not been back to belfast since it shut , i will give filthy a go an see ? from a regular of old dempseys

Submitted by Big Mike on 3rd May 2010

I don't think it'll always be know as Dempseys-Remember Hunters??? Everyone thought it would always been known as Hunters, but it wasn't...

As new generations come up, the name will change...

Sure the major of us who remember Dempseys are headed towards 30 now, and most of us are thinkin' of settling down...

When that happens, the name "Dempseys" will disappear...

Im gonna head down there this weekend-I hope it's good?!!!

From what ive heard, Filthys will have a lot of live music-I pray it's good music, as the only decent bars these days are Katy's, the Limer,

Submitted by ALH on 29th April 2010

Tried this bar out over the weekend for the first time. Had to queue for a few minutes to get in which was the only down side. Couldnt be futher from the old Dempseys. Cool retro look, great range of draft beers and a great crowd.

They had a two piece playing who were great. One of the staff told me that they put Djs on as well as live music. I will definitely be going back.

Submitted by Paul Johnston on 27th April 2010

i would like to say, i see a few people on here saying about it'll always be called Dempseys, Which i take there side 100% Dempseys was "the place to be" "the dive" there my working career its the best bar in the town!!! Fair play !

Submitted by used to work for them before it got burnt down on 26th April 2010

Did say that i thought it was ironic that place of casual violence is comically retitled as filthy mcnastys but by all accounts sounds like its nothing like dumpseys. Prob go tonight

Submitted by Mick on 24th April 2010

I can't believe they have scored so low for customer service?!?! Their customer service is brilliant. The crowd is random and interesting. The decor and music is cool.

Submitted on 21st April 2010

had a pint in filthys last night for the first time and was very the same style as the spanaird but thankfully a little bigger!

Submitted by noisymanhughes on 18th April 2010

what's the craic with this place? haven't been in yet, who is it supposed to be catering to music wise...?!

Submitted by Nic on 16th April 2010

The music last night was immense! decor is funky, very retro. Will b back definitely!

Submitted by Andy on 16th April 2010

i hope filfthy mcnastys isnt too much like dempseys... imagine if a dempseys style fight kicked off with all those records about, watering cans, old tvs. <:S

Submitted by Big Davy on 16th April 2010

Dempseys has been closed for ages, seems like a perfect new retro style bar, going tonight so will see for myself

Submitted by subman on 15th April 2010

was at this bar lastnight and everything impressed me, the decor is impeccable, great mix of old and new, the wine cooler was a watering can, records as candle coasters, vintage television as a table... it is an interior designers dream bar! the only thing that let it down for me was the bathrooms, they wer clean but i expected more of the interior from the bar to carry through to the toilets. It wouldnt take much to do this. Overall friendly funky fresh atmosphere, just what belfast needs.

Submitted by lainy mcnasty on 14th April 2010

It is nothing like Dempseys. Decent looking live venue

Submitted on 12th April 2010

Only for those old enough to remember dempseys particularly in our new "multicultural belfast"

Submitted on 12th April 2010

Is this club open yet???

I agree it will always be know as Dempseys, it will never change.

Submitted on 9th April 2010

be known as dempseys that is:P

Submitted on 8th April 2010

no, no it wont

Submitted by dot on 8th April 2010

best new music venue in belfast by far

Submitted on 7th April 2010

It will always been know as dempseys

Submitted by big chief on 4th April 2010

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