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The most exciting thing to hit the Belfast nightclub scene for years.
El Divino will be situated on the banks of the River Lagan. The �£1 million redevelopment will offer four different rooms, over three floors with open terraces and views over the river. Opening the last weekend of October.

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Mays Meadow
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Distance From Belfast City Hall
0.9 km

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Would not recommend, without going into too much detail, after arriving at 10.45pm on Saturday night and being told we were too late for guestlist entry but too early for the nightclub upstairs to actually open my group spent Â�£56 on entry. One round of drinks were purchased and a quick trip to the bathrooms before planning on heading upstairs (once it was finally opened) however, while still waiting for a free cubicle i was told that my boyfriend had been escorted out for "sleeping" in the bathrooms. Few questions came from this, how did the bouncer know that he was sleeping inside the cubicle in the space of 5-10 minutes? And why did he wait at the door for him instead of dragging him out of his "apparent" slumber from inside the cubicle. As a group of adults in our twenties this would be understandable if we were out with the intention of getting wasted and passing out however, the image of my boyfriend having a sober laugh with the security outside the gates (not sleeping funny enough) and the arrogance of the patronising door men who couldnt muster up a significant explanation left us feeling cheated out of the guts of Â�£80 and a waste of a journey, no talking to them. Went a few years previously and had a great night but have heard increasingly bad reviews as of late. No plans to return.

Submitted by Sinead on 1st November 2016

Visited this club on 2/8/16 and found it to be a dirty run-down dump. The carpet on the stairs my feet were sticking to and a few times I actually slipped.The toilets were disgusting with doors hanging off or else none at all. The so called VIP areas were a joke with the only special treatment I could see was it afforded you a seat to sit on or else you had to find yourself a space to stand. This place doesn't do itself justice as it is a lovely location beside the Lagan and wouldn't compare to when it was The Edge.

Submitted by El Nightmare on 4th August 2016

The best club in Belfast 🎉 If you are looking for a classy night out, this is the place. It attracts all the right people aswell, I have never seen any fights breaking out, and any overly drunk people are dealt with very well, shepherded out of the building respectfully instead of grabbed and dragged which I have seen in so many other places. Recommend going for a VIP experience too, if you really want to have a special night. If it's your birthday, make sure you tell them beforehand for a few freebies too along with VIP.

Submitted by Lewis McCormick on 26th June 2016

home to knee-deep!! I'm there every Thursday without fail. So many sour reviews on this, dunno why?! El Divino is such a good spot.. Cheap booze, plenty of craic, no bother at all, always a crowd! what more could ya want! 2 lads at Knee Deep DJ SLIM and Matty M blow the roof off this place every Thursday. Don't let any of the reviews put you off, deffo worth a rattle folks!!

Submitted by James on 8th October 2014

Have been here in a while as it got a bit repeatedly the same every time. went on Fri last week and was not disappointed had a very good night New DJ face at last TEZ Who played my kinda cool Tunes El Divino was like you were in a class London club ♥

Submitted by Danielle on 20th June 2014

How the mighty have fallen. Hadn't been in over a year and went down last week. Couldn't believe the change in the place. Firstly where have all the crowds gone? Place was pretty dead. Also where have all the beautiful people gone? People that were there were very young and very rough. Had a couple of people start on me four no reason after being in the place five minutes. My mrs had her bum felt in the crowd too many times to mention. Won't be back. Guess it's back to Ollies/21 Social So disappointed.

Submitted by Bar T on 16th May 2014

I came here with a group of mates for another great experience of belfast nightlife. I was severely disappointed. The bouncers we turning down people in front of us who were clearly not going to cause any trouble just because the didn't wear expensive looking clothes. The bar staff looked like they all needed a coffee or something to wake them up because they were not pleasant at all. Also I didn't like the "I am too cool," atmosphere of the place. I will not be back.

Submitted by mid-ulster lad on 2nd January 2014

Honest in Belfast they are not many good clubs / nights as used to be but this place has made it worse!?.

From idiot door men who wont let any man who looks as if he can handle themselves (even though they are well dressed and tidy and sober)to the usual type girls go to it because they think its place you have been seen in or go too but it is not believe me . Do not do VIP or book your birthday here you have been warned. Seriously all comments on here are true because I used work in the club and only if I could tell what really goes on in the club the place would be closed down. Please don't waste your time and effort and money and enjoy yourself somewhere else in Belfast.

Submitted by belfast club scene on 29th December 2013

Booked a VIP package for a hen party at Â�£15.00 per person this past weekend, wasn't worth the money unfortunately. We were told our arrival time was 10.30pm, yet when we arrived we were handed a glass of cheap champagne and placed at a table in the corner of the ground floor beside the open door exit to the smoking area which, needless to say, on a November night, was freezing. We waited for half an hour before enquiring when we could move to VIP, we were told to go upstairs to the second floor "for a dance" then someone would take us to VIP when it opened (???). 30 minutes later and still no VIP table. We again had to find a hostess ourselves and asked to go upstairs, had to wait a further ten minutes for it to open and then when we finally were brought to our reserved table, it was in the back corner, completely dark and absolutely freezing. Does this place not believe in heating??

We weren't allowed any hen party accessories, why I do not know since this place was nowhere near the classy establishment it claims to be. They made Â�£135.00 from our party and all we got were a few glasses of bubbly. Nothing extra. No free cloakroom, no table service, nibbles or anything. Would not recommend.

Submitted on 11th November 2013

Usually end up here when we're out in belfast, and it seems to be going downhill every time. This is from the stuck up / rude door staff right through to bar staff. You get let in depending on looks. if you don't look 'high class' enough you wont get in, or basically get told 'not tonight' without any explanations whatsoever. Bouncers and other workers will just look at you up and down then refuse entry. It is just plain rudeness! The management / owners need to start taking in peoples opinion and reviews and sort this out.

Submitted on 20th October 2013

Was there a few weeks ago for the first time in a few months, I was really disappointed by the atmosphere, I feel that maybe El Divino's best days are over :(

Submitted by Suzy on 28th August 2013

Downstairs bar looks great, and the balcony over the river is a nice touch. Service is very slow at the bar which I'm not sure is the the fault of the staff or whether there just aren't enough of them! That's a problem that needs to be sorted because slow service is a major negative for any nightclub. I also have to admit to finding some of the staff a little rude. I was told to move down the bar a little, away from a small roped off area, and I moved away gladly and without a word of fuss. Another member of staff then basically shouted at me to move down more, which I really didn't like. The main room upstairs is a little underwhelming. I was expecting something more. Personally speaking...if all the rooms were on the one floor this club would have a great feel to it, but the stairs kind of divide it all up and it becomes a bit of a hassle after a while .

This club is for a very particular type of clubber. If you like dressing up really nicely and looking at other boys/girls/whatever all dressed up too then this is the place for you. Some people do like those sort of clubs. I didn't really find it a 'fun' nightclub or even a good place to pull.

All in all I was kind of disappointed with this place, after meaning to go there for ages but never making it. It wasn't really much craic and I have to admit it was as 'posey' as it was made it out to be.

Submitted by Conrad on 9th July 2013

Worst club in Belfast.

-Rudest staff I've ever encountered, regardless of whether you're sober.

-Door staff incompetent,let people in depending on looks, have witnessed many times.

-20 Minute queue for drinks

-Over-priced drinks

Won't be back.

Submitted by Claire on 31st May 2013

Tried to get into El Divino on Saturday night bouncer refused us entry wouldnt tell us why. I asked for the manager he refused to get one for me. If the bouncer doesnt like your clothes or doesnt fancy you he refuses you entry.

Submitted by Emer on 29th April 2013

Went to El Divino in September had an amazing night, got in without trouble. I'm 22 going on 23 and attending tonight, a bit worried about getting in but i will be going VIP and buying rounds all night for my friends as I've just passed exams and come into money.

Submitted by Chiedza Catherine Mazarire on 7th March 2013

I come here most Mondays with a group of friends, I can't complain! The staff are lovely and I always feel at homew it is gay night and even tho none of us are gay I like it cause the people are lovely! We have made some lovely friends here over the past year! Drinks are cheap, musics good and I always have a great night! The bar staff know us and talk away to us which is nice! The only complaint is that you have to go upstairs at 12 which is a pit of a pain but the nightclub is good for dancing but the smoking area is very small! Always have a good night, my favourite night club!

Submitted by Megan on 17th February 2013

El Divino has to be the worst place to go in BELFAST. Not only had we booked vip for 21 people. We all go their to get told that we wernt allowed in! waste of time! No doubt you will get in if your nose is turned up and your skirts are down round your ankles and no personality! They need to make their minds up about door policy and dress code! El Divino staff memeber and door men tell you completly different things. In my opinion i wouldnt even waste my time travelling their again, a lot more nicer nightclubs in belfast city centre.

Submitted by Party of 21 people on 29th January 2013

I can safely say El Divino is the worst place to go in Belfast. After paying for a taxi waiting in the queue for almost an hour (where we were basically treat like cattle) we got in and were welcomed by a horrendous bar queue and lack of staff. The only positive comment I can make about this club is that the jagerbombs were only Â�£1.50 each (Which rose to about Â�£4.00 after 12 for some unsaid reason)The pretentious people and average music were the cherry on top of the evening. NEVER AGAIN!!

Submitted by Amy on 27th January 2013

I don't think anyone is slagging you off or saying your a liar in anyway Jenny, I think what they're trying to say is that this club is just not for you. It's very clubby with a young cool crowd, trainer/plimsoles are the foot ware of choice. It's not a formal environment at all, Ollies is a nice club if you want something more mature and formal.

Submitted by Sue on 23rd October 2012

just checked and saw some responses to my previous review. My review was exactly what happened on my visit to El Divino if you wish to speculate that I was wearing trainers or dressed any less fashionable than anyone else passing me going into the doors then so be it, I assure you this was not the case. I am not going to go to the trouble of writing a review which has false information. I am sure you can see many other people have reviewed El Divino with the same complaints,therefore there is obviously an issue there which is sending out negative opinions and giving people negative experiences of the club.

Submitted by jenny belfast on 16th October 2012

What akward security people. First to ask if I was in guest list, when told I was not, then continue asking if I was coming alone, and then refusing. Why these questions if decided not to allow to enter..or was he possible got some bad experience refusing one of the group. Anyway I was wearing very normal way. I'm a professional dancer, so it would have been nice to see what kind of nightlife can be found in Belfast. In my opinion that was more what the security guy thought, than a club policy.

Submitted by Visitor on 15th September 2012

To the guy below, you are reviewing a place based purely upon the people. How can you say the place itself is bad because the people dont meet your high standards. Do the world a favour- jog on

Submitted by jimbo on 11th September 2012

I was in on Sat night for Pete Tong, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the DJ and music in the downstairs lounge..... it was very hard to get upstairs but when I did the warm up DJ's were also rocking the room.... the top floor was really really warm and I was assuming Pete Tong would be on about 12 given the club shuts at 2am, I was disappointed he didn't come on until after 12.30 and to be honest lost a bit of the momentum that had been building although he did bring it back. I think if they are gonna put on a big name they should make it more than a 90 minute set as everyone will be let down. Great club though!

Submitted by Farrah on 7th September 2012

Cant believe how bad this place is. Everyone dresses the same as each other, is this not where all the 'cool' people hang out? and are too busy posing to actually enjoy themselves. Was here for the first time on Saturday night and ended up leaving before 12. Think next time I will spend my money elsewhere and go where people actually have a personality.

Submitted on 4th September 2012

I really love this club, me and my friends always have a good time every night we go. We love all the different types of music on each of the floors and we always get good service, some of the staff even make an effort to remember our names, you wouldn't get that anywhere else.

Submitted by Cassie on 31st August 2012

Horrid Place! my friend and i went on saturday night past. We were both well dressed and sober! On arriving at the door with no queue, the bouncer said for us to wait, we stood there for a few minutes and then he said 'not tonight'. Giving no explanation! very rude staff!!!

Submitted by not so happy camper on 30th July 2012

I must watch out for this Glamour model the next time I go lol, but in reference to Ollies i dont get the comparison. Is Ollies not generally for the elderly and for them who have grown old before their time!?! I was there a few weeks ago and it seems to be the place where good taste goes to die, maybe once I get a bit older my view will change.

Submitted by Chris 28 on 6th July 2012

In response to John...the dress code appears to be whatever the ageing wannabe glamour model on a powertrip, who hides behind the doormen, feels like at a particular moment in time. Although dress code doesn't even matter when she just turns people away to entertain herself. Get yourself to Ollies, where they treat customers respectfully.

Submitted on 2nd July 2012

what is the dress code for a boy at this place?

Submitted by john on 28th June 2012

Best club in N.Ireland without a doubt and as Becs said best cocktails. If you haven't been yet your seriously missing out.

Submitted by Carl on 25th May 2012

I love this club, me and my friends always get well looked after every time we come. I really like friday nights because it's not as busy and it's 2 for 1 cocktails which are delish x

Submitted by Becs on 23rd May 2012

was there at the fashion show weekend , i found the building to be clean , the door staff to be professionally removed and doing an outstanding job.

the guys had the carpark imaculate twenty mins after the event finished , all in all i was very impressed with the venue , the owner has spent a lot of money in the right places and it shows. the team running the venue do so in a very slick and professional manner.

its nice to see somewhere doing something fresh and new. all in all a very posative experience. thanks to all involved.

Submitted by tt on 8th May 2012

Love this Club it just gets better and better every time x

Submitted on 11th April 2012

Was in El Divino last night for St Paddys night, not the first time i've been but first time getting a private booth and bottle service in the middle floor. Me and my mates had a wonder night! All staff that I came into contact with were friendly and welcoming, expecially the dark haired girl that brought us our drinks, fast service with a smile the whole night, never did get her name. The only down side to the night would be the wait at the bar, but it was obvious the bar staff were hammered with so many people and doing their best. All the staff are a credit to the owner! Also T money was cracker, will certainly be back. Well done guys

Submitted by Happy camper on 18th March 2012

Went here a few saturdays ago because i'd heard everyone talking about it, i was abit nervous waiting outside as i'd heard really bad reports from friends of mine about the doormen turning people away for no reason at all, thankfully there was no problem for me getting in although a group in front of me seemed to have been turned away for no reason. Once inside the staff were friendly enough and the music was alright. Was just an ok night out and nothing really to write home about, now that ive been there and seen it I dont think i'll be in too much of a hurry to go back.

Submitted by Holly <3 on 16th March 2012

Me and my girlfriends went to El Divino last Friday and we had a great night! Just wanted to come on and let everyone know that as I think it's really sad the way people are saying it's crap!  El Divino has everything that Belfast and Northern Ireland has been waiting for. Great music, the girls dressed up in amazing costumes and fire breathing. Now I am not a smoker but the areas outside are gorgeous, the views from the bar at the bottom are beautiful!

Any staff that I came into contact with were lovely and friendly! The girl with the iPad was really nice and managed to get me and my friends a table. It was wee things like this that just made it a great night out. 

I have told everyone about it! Well done El Divino!

Submitted by Lynn McGoldrick on 8th March 2012

Had an epic time here last saturday, yes it was busy and the door policy was strict, but at least this sets the place apart from other establishments- in a good way. Brilliant music and diverse venue, bar staff were amazing, the real backbone of the club!

Submitted by John Barret on 7th March 2012

as for VIP area think u need to get it sorted.

Submitted on 29th February 2012

was up for a hen party, for starters one of the girls with us told us that her friend got turned away for not wearing correct clothing, we worried about this, but because we had already on the list we didn't worry, secondly, we where not aloud to dress the bride to be in any way or wear anything that showed we were on a hen party which i thought was crap myself!! standing at the door we wondered what the fuss was about clothing etc no wonder the girls all had their big long coats on and when the entered their skirts just about covered their arse with their boobs on show, (not just the shiny ones two may i add)so is this the dress code the more u wear you don't get in lol as for the music etc its ok not that great, prev's everywhere who wont leave you alone when your out with the girls just looking to have fun. ill not sure to much what went on in there but as we were leaving it was awful, fights everywhere men, bouncers, must have been at least 30 outside r taxi fighting hitting into the cab, place was crazy never again would i even dream of going there again, and they say it such a high, glam place no more like the blinks, sorry my opinion.. take it and don't go. o and forgot to add after standing for like twenty min toilet queue, girl decides to boke beside me which lands on my legs, shes lucky she didn't get knocked out cold,

Submitted on 29th February 2012

Discriminating doormen? Refused entry for wearing a certain item of clothing which other people in the club were wearing. When questioned on the unfairness of this, the reply 'we have a strict dress code' didn't really cut it, given that there were others already let in in the same thing. Friends said bar staff were great but under pressure from crowds. Won't be back and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Submitted on 25th February 2012

I have rely enjoyed going to El Divino since it has opened. It is a real shame that others have not. If the bad comments below are actually true accounts I totally sympathise, but i can only go on my experience and I cant fault the place, bar the Q for the loos some times. I fully recommend the club and look forward to going again.

D. x

Submitted by D on 23rd February 2012

great time on my first visit well done el divino staff and all cocerned deffo be back

Submitted by marty on 22nd February 2012

i went on monday nite my first time there and was overwhelmed great decor the staff were dead on and i had a great nite will deffo be back thank you

Submitted by marty on 22nd February 2012


Submitted by john on 22nd February 2012

I totally agree with all the poor reviews! If this is Belfast's best club then sit in with a carry out!

Submitted on 21st February 2012

Well, been a few times and can confirm that this place is truly awful, lots of very sad wannbes and pervy old men. The music is ghastly swing your handbag house, its really an embarrassment to Belfast, if this was the eighties the DJs would be called Smashie and Nicey! Mr Simpson is no more a DJ than his name sake Homer. Not a clue about real dance music. Save your pennies and hit London, Paris or Amdam and experience true club culture where millionaires hang out with street cleaners and every one is about the music and not a bottle of cheap fizzy wine in sight! Dont believe the Hype. And the Door staff are as rude as the previous reviews have stated.

Submitted by DJ Smashie on 11th February 2012

One word for the review below... MESS! Laughable to assume anyone's financial status, probably written by a hairdresser or make up artist who works for free. One things for sure, money does not buy class.... Green room better off without those types. Great mix of people in El Divino at the moment, everyone having great fun regardless of annual salary!

Submitted by SJ x on 9th February 2012

Why is the VIP full of sales and marketing execs probably earning no more then Â�£30k per year? Disappointed is an understatement, won't be back.

Submitted on 9th February 2012

Ok, its new, its a bit different, but is it really all that special, the answer is no. The clientele are the same as you would find in Ollies, The Merchant or 21 Social. I have been on quite a few occasions and never had any problems with staff. The problem is that if they keep turning away customers at the scale they are doing so, they may just find that people will stop going. Its too large of a club to keep it "exclusive" in Belfast, and it is in an unfortunate location,look at what happened to other venues in the past which have been located that side of the town. And lastly it is very difficult to get a taxi home at the end of the night. I don't think its a bad place but I don't think it is nice enough to get people to keep going. We'll see in 12 months if its still the same story.

Submitted by Undecided on 9th February 2012

I will give this place another few months and it will be infested with spides/millies (like it isn't already! lol). Full of people who think they are somebody, but in reality they haven't a pot to piss in.

Submitted by Observer on 8th February 2012

AMAZING!!! I just love this place. It is the only bar/club in Belfast where there are actually good looking people! I've been to El Divino a few times and everytime I go, it just keeps getting better and better! I dont know why people are saying the doormen are rude, because they're not. If anything they are polite and welcoming! One door man actually came and asked me and my friends if we would like to join the shorter que as he recognised us from the preivous week, you wouldn't get that anywhere else.

They always have great performers at the club and the DJ's are brilliant. I love the Little Disco on the middle floor, me and my friends always go there first then head up to the top floor to watch the dancers. They had a topless guy who was painted just walking around looking cool! No where else does this in Belfast.

It is THE place to be in Belfast!

Submitted by Natasha on 6th February 2012

I go most Saturday's and I have never seen any of the rubbish that some people are claiming on here. I do not normally write reviews, but when I came across this I felt so strong about it I had to say something. El DIvino is by far Belfast's BEST club. Nice people, nice staff, with great music. Keep doing what you are doing and these sad, individuals (who ruin places for the rest of us) can go back to the clubs that have stagnated Belfast for years. Why is it when people do not get in they make up laughable stories? it just confirms the kind of clientele they are turnaway.

Submitted by Amy on 6th February 2012

I came on this to praise VIP Packages for the great birthday I had at El Divino,they had my table set up and a birthday card this is customer service at its best! All the girls were amazing! I seen the comment below sent from BM and all I can say is dry your eyes! You clearly didnt meet the standards of El Divino and you must have been some munter to get a cheer from the crowd as you were leaving ive been there a few times and ive never heard of that happening! Just want to say our group had a great time couldnt fault it at all keep up the good work!! I <3 El Divino xx

Submitted by Happy Customer xx on 5th February 2012

If you want to get into El divino it seems you have a better chance if you do not book the VIP package. After going for a meal on 4th february myself and 4 friends went to El Divino. we were all sober and well dressed. we approached the vip Queue behind a group of 3 girls in front of us. while waiting a couple joined the queue behind us. the three girls were told by the doorman "not tonight". the girls asked why and the doorman just shrugged his shoulders and told them to move on. a girl with a smirk and a clipboard had already confirmed that their name was on the guest list. as they walked away from the club many people in the main queue of over a hundred people were laughing and some even cheered which seemed to amuse the doorman and the girl with the clipboard. then it was our turn again our name was confirmed on the guest list and again the doorman simply said not tonight. I have never been turned away from a club and we were just as baffled as the girls in front of us had been. again as we walked away the laughter and some cheers from the queue. i didn't look back but would imagine the doorstaff were just as chuffed with the response as they had been when they turned away girls in front of us. as we were deciding where to go to instead the we heard more cheers and laughter and turned around to see the couple who were behind us also being turned away. I would never recommend this poorly run club with infantile doorstaff on a power trip to anyone.

Submitted by B M on 5th February 2012

I would really like to see Jenny and her crew of 'respectable' friends, it would almost make you cringe at the thought. My guess is that they normally frequent in The Welly Park, or worse Cafe Vaudeville and decided to try the 'new place' just for a change. I'm not a massive fan of El Divino although it seems to be a good club, but the fact that she passes judgement on what she calls trainers proves that the girl is totally clueless. Dressing like a pensioner does not make you 'respectable'. Enough said I think.

Submitted on 28th January 2012

Who is the residential dj that is your brother Jenny?

Also trainers such as converse are an acceptable choice of footwear in this day and age

Submitted by Resident who?? on 27th January 2012

We decided to go to El Divino On Saturday 21st Jan, this night was pre planned and friends of mine took time of work especially. We enquired about getting VIP and paying extra although were informed that all tables were booked up and told to arrive between 9 and 10 on the night. When we arrived (3 males 3 females), we had not had one drink yet were all dressed well (a respectable group of people) a friend had even gone out to buy new shoes etc to fit the dress code. We were then told by a door man *not tonight*. To which I asked why not, I had been to the club before and a member of my family is actually resident DJ there which I did not mention as I did not think this was appropriate. He then replied *just not tonight* I then explained that we had enquired about VIP and were told just to arrive between 9 and ten, he then just walked away from me I was in NO way being cheeky aggressive or rude and was stone cold sober. Then another door man came over and I asked why aren't we allowed in to which he didn't look at us just shrugged his shoulders and replied *mm I dunno to casual?*. Not one of us were casual or in any way dressed tacky etc(also did I mention there were people in the VIP que getting in with trainers on). We left and spent our money else where. I have emailed the club to ask exactly what is their door policy so far with no reply. I found the door men rude arrogant and on a power trip, this is not the way you should treat paying customers!

Submitted by Jenny Belfast on 23rd January 2012

I have to disagree with the review below, I have used vip packages a few times now and I have to say we always get looked after really well. We are always made to feel special and the service has always been flawless. Its really good to finally see a club offering this style of first class service x

Submitted by Clare on 20th January 2012

Love this place i go all the time, the staff and managers are so friendly and they really take pride in their club which is good because it's become my second home lol

Submitted by Jenna on 16th January 2012


my friends and i went and we paid for vip table with bottle service minimum spend of �£80. still had to queue to get in and it took ages for a waitress to come and serve us after we did get seated. the vip area is not roped off which meant if we had wanted to go walk about the club are seats would have been taken straight away which is exactly what happened to the table next to us.

once we wanted another bottle for our table my friend had to queue at the bar for over 20mins to be served only to be told a waitress would come up to us!! which took another 10mins waiting.

the music is excellent and good atmosphere but it is no better than any other club in belfast and i would certainly never suggest vip.

Submitted on 15th January 2012

Hey laura, you should definitely go, theres no issue with fake tan, lets face it, girls seem to need it for some reason. Sounds like the best day for you to go would be a Friday night as its over 21 on saturdays, its a quality place to go, Mondays are good too if you dont mind it being a gay night (far cheaper!) altho fridays has 241 cocktails till 11, hope this helps!

Submitted by David Johnson on 8th January 2012

I have never been here before, but my friend has given good reviews. Although i hear belfast is quite strict and turn a good amount of people away, i mean box, as we were turned down twice for not looking the part. though i admit i wear alot of fake tan which could be a big problem to them. i'm 18 and was just wondering if this is a place i should go to, as the reviews sound promising and from friends comments about it it sounds like a good night..would like some feedback please

Submitted by Laura on 7th January 2012

Was in on NYE for the first time it was amazing!!! The decorations and all the performance pieces were brilliant!! Definitely my new my new hangout x

Submitted by Gemma on 5th January 2012

I've been living in London now for 10 years and was home at Christmas. Usually I'm always disappointed when going out in Belfast as the clubs here are never as good as the ones in London. This time though I went to El Divino and I must say I had a brilliant time, what a club!!!! I went 3 times while home and i cant wait until Easter to bring my girlfriend, who thinks nothing exists outside Chelsea, I'll prove her wrong.

Submitted by Rob on 3rd January 2012

We went here new year's eve and had to que for 20 minutes despite being told when picking up our tickets a few days earlier that there would be no queing as it was a ticket only event. Toilets were very grubby and not attended AT ALL - there was broken glass everywhere.

Submitted on 2nd January 2012

Stood in the que for 30-40 minits, in which the que was huge, only to get to the door to be refused entry due to managment reasons!...I have never been so humiliated before, and felt embarrest for my friends who were cuming up to El Dinio to try it beacuse they were told it was good.

Im 25 years of age and have never ever been knocked back in a club before.

I think its disgustin that were were pinned out for nothing i felt completly embarrest and it ruin my mood the whole nite.

I will defo not be back!!

Submitted by Ciara on 28th December 2011

Arrived at about 11:30 and joined the scrum that was supposed to be the queue. Eventually got to the front to be told as we weren't on the guest list or hadn't pre booked a VIP place, we were not going to be allowed in. Not because of any other reason. Plenty of people leaving, so it wasn't at capacity, that I could have understood. Oh, and we weren't drunk or otherwise, badly dressed or a huge group of guys. When we asked how we got on the VIP list, we were told you did it online, but it was "too late now" anyway. Some friends over from London thought this door policy was pretty laughable, and I have to agree. A club you cannot pay to get into, thats a new one on me...

Submitted by El Disappointedo on 18th December 2011

i went on a saturday and it was a lovely, we checked out all the floors its better than most bars in belfast, different mood/scene in each room so it's suited for all types of nights out, and the views were gorgeous, would reccommend all to go but only if you have decent money, bit too expensive to go every week but a few extra drink promos and i'll go all time, staff are fun lovely people, always up for a bit of bantar! really great bar overall

Submitted by Naomi on 12th December 2011

I am concerned if you are writing a review because you didn't get in then there is a very good reason. I have seen some sights in el divino so if you didn't make that cut then there's something wrong! I know it's a big venue but keep the door tight guys.....

Submitted by Alison C on 8th December 2011

I have been in El divino a few times and had a superb night every time! The music on the top floor is usually fab, big room house music, but I went to David Morales on Sat 3rd Dec and I was disappointed. It was a mediocre trance set reminiscent of 20 years ago. I am sure this guy did not come cheap! Keep doing what you have been doing since you opened and sack David Morales. Much better DJ's out there!

Submitted by Mark on 8th December 2011

Went on sat the 3rd december as my friend had pre booked vip for her 30th. when we arrived some of our party were already inside. the girl asked what party we were for and we told her, shortly after the bouncer came over and said "sorry not tonight"! They wouldnt give a reason as to why we werent allowed in and told us that booking vip didnt guarantee entry. if they had have given a valid reason for not letting us in then i might have accepted it but to just stand and repeat "sorry not tonight" is a ridiculous way to treat paying customers that were willing to pay �£20 per head! Would never go back and will be telling people not to bother!

Submitted by kerri Belfast on 5th December 2011

Serious dont even waste your time going to El Divino in Belfast.Dont even think your going get some kind of ibiza experience-your living in Disney Land if you think this club is any good.

Really over priced,very cheap inside,alot wannabes pretending to be something they aint.Not great quality dance music or sound system.Dont GO!.Do not waste your taxi fare,time and money.Recommend anywhere else over this place.Beware.

Submitted by Big Dave (Belfast) on 5th December 2011

it beats the hell outa that shitey excuse for a nightclub called rain! .. went on monday night for the first time , vontramp and the other door man were hilarious! and very welcoming...didnt like the way i paid 4.50 for a pint of peroni tho! lol.... altho 2quid a corona is pretty sweet if u ask me ... tbh its a breath of fresh air unless the river lagan says otherwise! lol .. 7quid in...bang on! :)

Submitted by mackington on 3rd December 2011

Was here at the weekend and I have to say this is one serious set-up, it makes other Belfast clubs look like local social cubs.

Keep it up guys.

Submitted by Paul B on 30th November 2011

came the hole way from bangor then they dont even let u in.....wouldnt try it again... very disappointed

Submitted on 29th November 2011

Went down last night and expected big things. I have to say I was very disappointed. The whole place seems a bit done on the cheap, the music was like something my big bro would've listened to from 10 years ago. Crowd unfriendly, drinks expensive and a nightmare to get home from afterwards. Also what's with keeping a q waiting outside even though it's not busy inside yet. Do places still do this? Might go back but it's not all that folks.

Submitted by Johnno on 27th November 2011

Music is fantastic, something for everyone! Top floor was electric absolutely right up my street! Totally what Belfast has been missing! Couldn't believe the queues when I looked outside, glad I got down early! Only down was getting a taxi outside.... didn't matter cos I was buzzing from the club! Hope to be back soon!

Submitted by Will on 26th November 2011

This club is amazing!!! The owners, management and the rest of Belfast should be very proud, finally we can compete with every other major city in the world. Keep up the good work guys.

Submitted by Rob on 24th November 2011

about time we had a club like this in northern ireland, never mind belfast i thought sweet in limivady was good or kellys portrush then i visited this place dancers on the stage, smoking areas every floor (with brillant views of the city), toilets clean, service excellant, drink pricers were normal no promo's but thats expected on a saturday night. I'll be back.

All in all if there's any bad comments its because they didnt get in and should go down earlier clearly!

Submitted by Jamie on 23rd November 2011

I always feel sorry for the doormen, these review pages always focus on door policy... i.e. you couldn't get in or you have a massive chip on your shoulder. If you're not a mouthpiece or an ignoramus, it shouldn't be a problem. I went down on saturday night about 11.30 after having dinner in Berts and the club was full to capacity, kicked myself for not going earlier, but by the looks of things they can afford to be picky. I have already had a few good nights in the club, my only criticism would be to have more bar staff on the ground floor bar... other than that I had a superb night! Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power! Good luck guys!

Submitted by Lindsay on 14th November 2011

This place is cheap and nasty in every sense. The decor and clientele are cheap and the security staff are nasty. The positive is that all the lower levels of Belfast society can congregate here and leave the decent spots in the city centre to the rest of us.

Submitted on 14th November 2011

Been every Sat nite since it opened, not a bad spot, but there were some Rockets running about there last Sat.One fella looked like he'd had a few too many and near fell over the top of me and my mates. Bouncer was fallyin him about I assume he got kicked out after that, drink all down his shirt.

Submitted by Sammi on 14th November 2011

Was in El Divino with mates last nite for student nite-only had the middle floor open but that was grand cos their wasnt a massive crowd but it was a good crowd and the atmosphere was buzzin.

Staff were great, friendly an fast serving. Wee blondie behind the bar was cracker looking!

Lethal drinks promo's, was rightly on an come home with change from the 30 quid I had out with me. Brilliant night, will def be back.

Think a bit more promotion round QUB and UU wud be good to get the crowds up a bit so yis can open the rest of the floors.

Submitted by Darzo on 11th November 2011

Have been here twice to date and on both occasions I was very impressed. The downstairs lounge and outdoor terrace are lovely and the club is very nicely finished.

There is a gay night every Monday hosted by Titti von Tramp, so if this isn't your scene avoid it on a Monday.

Can't fault the place at all, except for the confusing door policy - it seems to change depending on how busy they are / which doorman you get - but generally seems to be over 21 (except Monday where is officially over 18). Also noted some negative comments about doormen, but haven't noticed this at all, every time I have been there they have been very professional and courteous.

Submitted by RI on 10th November 2011

What's the minimum age

Submitted by sam on 10th November 2011

Had a fab night on Sunday for Roger Sanchez, me and my girlfriends were out at the EMAs and decided to try EL Divino after. The service was excellent, we ordered 2 bottles of Champagne at the bar before being whisked off by the manager (Mark) to a nice table were our champagne was delivered by a friendly waiter. Now that's what I call good service.

After polishing off our drinks we climbed the stairs to the main club, the atmosphere was electric and we danced our feet off till the early hours! Love it, more please.

Submitted by Jenny on 9th November 2011

Have been to El Divino twice now, on the Launch night and for Roger Sanchez on Sunday night. This is the type of top class nightspot that Belfast has been crying out for. Great staff, great music, great drinks. No hassle at all in the club. A real credit to the management.

Submitted by DG on 8th November 2011

I was in this club at the weekend. One word - AMAZING. There were no chavs (or whatever you want to call them), the music was great and everyone that was there was having a good time. I will def be back and this is just the sort of club Belfast needed. Very impressed.

Submitted by Louise on 8th November 2011

Have to admit I agree with some of JM's points.

Crowd was really quite rough in certain areas especially the top floor on saturday night.

Not really all it's cracked up to be.

The downstairs area is lovely and the terrace would be great on a sunny afternoon, if the music if right.

Taxis are a nightmare to get at the end of the night, so make sure you pre book.

I suppose you can't please everyone and hopefully the crowd was just a blip

Submitted by Sarah Mayar on 8th November 2011

El Divino needs to sort itself out. Ahh the beloved doormen, the short one in particular is the most jumped up moron in Belfast. He needs to realise that he is just a doorman and not god.

I was really looking forward to going to El Divino and last night was my first opportunity. I Will Never Set Foot In The Place Again. Worst club experience I have had in years. This was due entirely to staff who are obviously high on their own hype.

Also my friends handbag was stolen with iPhone and makeup in it and I heard thismorning of 2 other girls who's handbags were stolen. El Divinos excessively strict doormen don't keeping rotten thieves out. Just fun loving people who they deem not good enough to get into their 'special' club.

People who bought champagne had to was 25 mons for it to be brought to the table and a further 20 mins for glasses. Joke

Paul. I hope your business is a success, but if it keeps going like this it won't last a year. I will be spending my money elsewhere.

Submitted on 7th November 2011

What a nite, Roger Sanchez rocked it!!!Great nite, and who is that gorgeous girl with the long dark hair,orange dress. Can she dance or what!!!!!

Submitted by Alan on 7th November 2011

Was here last night, excellent venue glad to see somewhere like this finally opening up in our Belfast.

Submitted by James on 6th November 2011

I must say I was expecting more from this club. Seems to attract people who think they have money but dont. The Club itself is nice inside as you would expect from a new place. Staff seemed nice, but there were quite a few people there and became difficult to get served at times. Some people were quite agressive at the bar. The music was nothing really that special but was still good. For me there are better clubs that are closer to the city center if I want to move around a little from place to place. Overall I feel my experience was average at best.

Submitted by PP on 4th November 2011

I think JM was in another club on the 28th, because I was in El Divino on that Friday and none of their comments ring true.

The music was great on Friday from what I remember, nothing too specialized with RnB in the main room and commercial dance in the middle room, which are both very popular in Belfast at the min.

As for chavs, I didn't see one!!! in fact when me and my friends were queuing to get in we saw the door staff refusing about 20 people entry because of their strict door requirements!

Another thing, it was Â�£5 on the door and it states that on their fliers not Â�£15 at all!

I definitely think JM got his wires crossed and was in some other club. Becs :-)

Submitted by Rebecca on 2nd November 2011

Was there on Friday 28/10/11. Didn't think much of the music, I guess the type of music they were playing in each of the rooms isn't really popular in Belfast. The clientèle were not great, there seemed to be alot of chavs there but you'd expect that with something like 'Ibiza' in the description. Some drunken meat head thought it would be clever to insult me in the bathrooms, but when I gave back better than him he got mad and started fly kicking the cubical that I went into to. He was pretty quick to leave the bathrooms before I came out though lol. Apart from that it was a decent night. The bouncers and staff were all very friendly (not something you would expect in a club in Belfast). The pints were nice and they have a very good selection of beers compared to most places in Belfast. I think at 15 pounds the entry fee was a little high and that price didn't keep the riff-faff out. I think a 10 pound entry fee would be about right for there and there needs to be more work to make it a premium club rather than letting just anyone in.

Submitted by JM on 31st October 2011

Was at the VIP launch last night... WOW... all i can say is you will be very glad... its like a club youd expect to find in New York or London.... we've defo hit the 21st century... granted it was very busy last night and they may not have had enough bar staff on, (approx 20 mins waiting at the bar) but this was to be expected with the launch night, so glam, clean and fresh, toilets are spotless.. so many different rooms, sounds, lights and decor, the different floors give the illussion that you could be in 3 or 4 very different clubs.. prices were actually not too bad, �£20 for a bottle of prosecco... RESULT! Cloak room had x2 staff, very quick, i think i had been to 4 different smoking areas, at least one on each floor, and their VIP room (The Green Room) is superb. Table service, and stylish and funky, and actually VIP.. manned by bouncers (who were anything but rude... quite the opposite actually!) all in all i would suggest to anyone to visit! and have found my new local .. well done.. and something belfast actually needed...

Submitted by Colin McCrory on 28th October 2011

Cant wait, definately needed for belfast night life

Submitted by Lorraine on 26th October 2011

this place is gona be banging,can't wait to hit this place thursday week!!!!!! oh yea!!!

Submitted by paul woods(aka dj jumpin!!!) on 20th October 2011

Sounds great!! Hearing good things about this, hope it's as good as it sounds!

Submitted by Charlie on 2nd October 2011

Well needed for Belfast. The club scene here has been pretty poor in the last few years. Looking forward to this.

Submitted by Steve on 30th September 2011

I heard its open end of october, Really looking forward to this opening. I went to el there a while back in ibiza and it was definatley one of the best places out there. Belfast had been crying out for a nightclub the calibre of el divinos.. well excited :-)

Submitted by Pete on 28th September 2011

When does it open?

Submitted by Donna on 26th September 2011

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