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A fresh and funky student bar, with two floors and delicious food at great value! Excellent prices and drink specials changing all the time, with wine, shooters and cocktails on offer.
The Eg has excellant disabled facilites with a low bar.
Free in every night with entertainment and superb local DJ's playing a wide range of music from dance and chart to retro and funk makes the Eg a must.

Students and locals side by side in this 2 floor bar(downstairs), disco(upstairs) venue.Loads of drink offersUpstairs available for private functions

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    Address32-40 Malone Road
      BT9 5BQ
    Phone Number028 9038 1994
    Disabled Facilities Low Bar, Toilets, Lift & easy ground floor access


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OK so its St Patricks day 13. I was a student in Queens a few years back and my bro is now. I came up with him hoping to re-live my mis spent youth and shot fuelled nights watching wet tshirts in the Egg and spinning rodeo bulls and all the crazyness only 2 find its all moved south! What happened? What the hell is a 411 and an El Divino? I was SURE the Egg couldhave withstood the test of time? who knows? maybe I'm the old hat now? what a depressing thought to finish my St Patricks trip! What happened to you Egg????

Submitted by St Patrick of Armagh on 17 March 2013

Wednsedays = Eg!

Thursdays = Bot (but Eg downstairs as a back up and/or pre swall!! :))

Submitted by mark gilpen on 19 October 2011

Bouncers were rude and manager was unhelpful when it came to asking questions. Bar staff were nice but the bouncers are the rudest I have encountered in Belfast. DJ will take requests from some people but not others.

Submitted on 03 February 2011

I Love this bar!

Submitted by NIall McKeown on 05 July 2010

Last night was so awful.The woman bar staff was so rude and deliberatily served all the fellas around me and was so cheeky when i asked to be served and the bouncer at the end of the night took the drink out of my hand and told me to get out. attitude in the eg was nasty :(

Submitted on 11 February 2010

Its a good bar, with a nice atmosphere...everywhere in belfast is just full of posers, the Egg is one of the few decent ones left!!

Submitted by Caitriona on 07 August 2009

manager could be more friendly but ok if everywhere else packed

Submitted by ringleader on 25 November 2008

Really good venue, great place for a night out with a few drinks, good music, cheap drinks and staff friendly, toilets clean. what mroe could you want?

Submitted by Maria on 02 October 2008

love this place! wet t shirt contests every wednesday/ soo funny, even guys enter!

Submitted by marky on 05 January 2008

wednesdays at the eg are the best ever, ive had some fun in there. i love that u do those games cause everywhere else is boring just playing music.......hell yea the eg is the greatest place to be

Submitted by Emma on 18 October 2007

no better bar in belfast to be honest.

Submitted on 10 February 2007

I think the decor is soooooooooo boring! You might have to rub shoulders with culchies in the bot but I think i'd rather have that than be bored to tears in the Eg.

Submitted on 05 January 2007

what was the crack on boxing night with the eg charging ?5 per head...? what a rip-off.

Submitted by hugh cee on 29 December 2006

I'm back home now for christmas and i'm goin to miss Wednesdays in the egg! our entire halls big night out with wee jamie doin his balloon thing! haha! immence! Bring on the free stuff! our kitchen walls are covered in posters! Better than standing in bots queue for hour in the rain and better music in the egg too! I'll see you all in January, save me a free shot, or ten!

Cheers team, happy christmas & new year


Submitted by peter on 23 December 2006

Great place to go and have a pint. Good music, friendly staff, nice people. The Eg is the Belfast crack.

Submitted by Murilo - Brasil on 24 October 2006

good hassle-free bar with good selection of drinks and consistently excellent food. not always easy to attract attention of staff however and getting the channel changed on the tv is problematic, but these are only minor gripes!

Submitted by hugh cee on 03 October 2006

I had a great night at the Eg, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and the music was cool.

Submitted by Martina Purdy on 20 November 2005

I don't think it's that good

Submitted on 22 October 2005

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