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Cafe Vaudeville

Cafe Vaudeville opened in summer 2005 and is a Paris themed bar.
Cafe Vaudeville, in association with Bollinger opens on Thursday 23 June and is a lavish addition to Belfast%u2019s growing cityscape that combines a luxurious cocktail and champagne bar with a French cafe, all-day bistro and lounge. The cafe is situated in the historical neo-classical building in Belfast%u2019s Arthur Street, formerly used as a bank.

Cafe Vaudevilles%u2019s upper floor is truly a first for Belfast. The only 'Bollinger Bar' in Belfast and offers an extensive array of premium champagnes and champagne cocktails, anchored by Vaudeville%u2019s signature brand, Bollinger.

Vaudeville is due to be a popular spot for Christmas dinners as it has stacks of space to cater for large parties of people.

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Cafe Vaudeville
25-39 Arthur Street
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Submitted on 14th June 2017

Nice cocktails, lovely decour and good service, but pretty expensive. The type of place from mums go with their daughters, you might see a well to do couple.

Submitted by Nice for a one off on 30th May 2015

we a party of 16 had a fantastic night in cafe Vaudeville.

Staff are friendly its free in music was great toilets average but where isn't on a busy holiday weekend! loved the atmosphere and we will return...

Submitted by Gusty on 30th October 2011

I guess the only distinctive characteristic is the eccentric decor. Apart from that, the menu was limited and the quality and preparation of the dishes, below average. The originality soon fades and allows you to notice the filth and trashyness of the place. If you can manage to get pissed quickly, you might not notice the slow and rude service, and the prices. It's glamorous alright; perfect place for Courtney Love.

Submitted on 26th October 2011

Had a great night here on Saturday. Music was amazing and the girls who do the cocktail booth work sooo hard. Will always try to accomodate anything that is not on the menu too instead just a surly "if it's not on the menu we can't make it" which is great.

Went to Rain afterwards and it was just a total disaster as always. If only more places like this had a late night license Belfast would offer such a larger variety.

Submitted on 20th September 2011

Great place to be on a Friday night. Different types of music get played, I spent the whole night on my feet and never stopped dancing (they even played one of my favourite songs Jump On It, which I never hear in any other bar or club). The bouncers were fine, getting served drinks was fine and the toilets were okay. Great night out on a Friday, everybody try it.

Submitted by Miss Jane on 17th February 2011

Love it!! Free in, great music n friendly staff and doormen... just wish it stayed open til 2am!

Submitted by Comber chick on 15th August 2010

going tonight,hope to have a good time,will give my review tomarrow

Submitted by Denis / from lenadoon on 13th August 2010

Am amazed people knock this place i mean where else would you go at the weekend if u want a great atmosphere is always busy and then finally managed to get the music juust right.

And Vince is the best doorman ever!

Submitted on 15th July 2010

strange sort of place.makes the bar from Star Wars look normal. been here twice in past week - 2nd time just to check that 1st wasn't a fluke..

Submitted by Human.. on 10th July 2010

i cant believe cv has been here 5 years friday was the best night ever their 5th birthday omg what theyve done to friays its the best night out in town

Submitted by cathy d on 5th July 2010

Had a great night got a dance with a beautiful woman call breige.

Got served no problem and the door staff were very friendly, will defo go again, hope to see briege again.

Submitted by AL on 21st June 2010

Great bar but as others have said the bar service is poor and bouncers are OTT

Submitted on 21st June 2010

My favourite restaurant in belfast espically for lunch.

Submitted by barry on 20th June 2010

Friday night its the only place to be they have this mad night called ViVa Vaudeville with dancers n a drag queen

Submitted by gemma on 1st June 2010

While the bar staff were friendly, there were not enough of them. I was with 9 other people and everyone found the bar service to be extremely slow. I waited over 20 minutes to get served both times I used the bar - and there was clearly a lot of frustration on the part of other customers - including one who told me to '**** off' as he elbowed past me and attempted (unsuccessfully) to get served before me.

Positives - the decor

Negatives - slow service, overpriced, overrated, full of Paris Hilton wannabees

Cafe Vaudeville is potentially good on a quieter night, but avoid at weekends

Submitted by Marc on 31st March 2010

My favourite bar in belfast,,only down point is that times goes so fast

Submitted by Mart on 1st February 2010

Probably the best lunch in Belfast. 2-course menu had suberb food at a very fair price - if not underpriced.Good housewine again at lowish price. Brilliant service in attractive, if a little OTT, surroundings. Only minor criticism - gents a fair climb!

Would thoroughly recommend for a french-style lunch at excellent value.

Submitted by aw on 6th January 2010

IS the best place to b at the weeknd always a good crowd

Submitted by lucy on 20th November 2009

A very lovely place with an excellent service from staff at tables and the bar.A lovely atmosphere.

Bouncers were fun too.

Submitted by vera tucker on 24th August 2009

Found the service very poor and the food we ordered was of low standard and overpriced. The toilets were in a filthy state. Avoid .

Submitted by Tina Johnston on 6th June 2009

Awful place. terrible music, dire food and psychotic bouncers

Submitted by Beatrice on 13th May 2009

I'm proud Belfast has something like this. It is pure sophistication and ideal on an early evening just to sit and soak in the environment. Gets a bit tacky of a Friday night - but that's just the crowd swanning up the stairs into the laughable VIP section

Submitted by girlabouttown on 28th April 2009

Visited Cafe Vaudeville for the first time last week. AVOID AVOID AVOID! Agree with previous posters - Food was vastly overpriced for what is was - at best average. Drink prices are ridiculous. Won't be returning.

Submitted by Susan on 6th April 2009

Wouldn't advise going to this place, very overcrowded and very overpriced. Have only eaten here once and it wasn't great, canteen food to be honest. The bouncers can also be over-zealous.

Submitted by Stevie on 13th March 2009

I'd have to agree the bouncers are a disgrace. Foods good, but I think i'd really need to psyche myself up to go there for a night out. Overcrowded, over inflated prices and awful music

Submitted by Janine on 12th March 2009

If you've never been I'd avoid this place. Its had its day, filled with old men, overpriced beer and power hungry bouncers. Which you'll witness on a weekly basis.

Submitted by Bev on 11th March 2009

Pretty inside, but the bouncing staff are horrendous, I don't know who they think they are. Totally put you off going to the place. If you do go, don't wear a new coat, the bouncers will have it destroyed.

Submitted on 10th March 2009

I have just read the reviews and I have to admit I totally agree with the ones who speak of the staff. I love eating out, my friend and I visited this place last year and the staff especially the manager where totally ignortant, They definately do not speak for the friendly people of Northern Ireland. If you are treated with respect you will earn respect from others. Hope management take note of this, especially in the credit climate at present.

Submitted by jen jen on 26th February 2009


This is the worst place i have every been to. Please teach your doorstaff about customer service because they would nt know how to spell it!..

Submitted by Ron Cartwell on 11th February 2009

This pLACE has got awful. Groups of men over fiffty eyeing up anything. Door and bar staff so rude

Drinks have gone through the roof, (were not in the west end of London) was so crammed i think ill write to council, 35 mins to get served. Make your own mind up


Submitted by Colin Brown on 7th February 2009

I wonder if any of the people who run these places in Belfast ever read these reviews because there never seems to be any improvement in the venues - if they do I wish they would leave some feedback. My friends and I spend a lot of weekends over in Newcastle Upon Tyne and always have a ball there. Over there you can more or less walk in and out of any club at anytime without all the 'regulars only' rubbish that you get here and it's far better for it. the music there is a mixture of chart and dance classics along with the odd oldy, not the obscure DJ's personal favourites or repeated 70's-80's CD they seem to always play here and in general the service and atitude of staff is far better. I wish clubs here would take a look and realise what it takes to create a thriving nightlife.

Submitted by Tony H on 5th February 2009

Was excited about going to cafe vaudeville on saturday past but my excitement soon turned to disappointment. I was treated like trash at the bar and it wasn't by a bar man in uniform. I assume this tall thin guy in a white shirt was a manager.I think the owners need to carefully think about re-structuring their management team or else not allow them behind the bar. One lovely bar man whose name i will not disclose (tattoos on wrists, your lovely!) felt the need to apolgise for this manager's behaviour. Saved by the barman this time cafe vaudeville and we will be back next weekend.

Submitted by molly molloy on 21st January 2009

Went there today and absolutely fell in love with the place! The staff is very friendly, the food is amazing, and the decor is to die for. I'm ringing them tomorrow to see if I can have my wedding reception there, I love it so much!

Submitted by Natalia on 20th January 2009

lovely place for food although the concept of catering for vegetarians hasnt reached this eatery yet.. staff very attentive and friendly

Submitted on 3rd January 2009

I think the door staff are lovely!! And one in particular is so, so cute!!!!

Submitted by Miss X on 28th December 2008

Went to this venue on 19/12/2008 with friends, we are all in professional jobs that pay well, dressed for the cold play concert thought it a nice place to go "BAD MOVE" the door staff are rude and need to educated what is acceptable fashion, will never be back, lots of other fantastic bars to go and spend our money in. I will be sure to let as many people know as i can that it is not worth walking to,but then again if they keep up this attitude the only thing in the window will be a closed sign

Submitted by Barry Latimer on 28th December 2008

had a great time last year, took some family there on Friday, bad, bad ,bad- no customer service to speak of, staff verging on rude. far better places to visit in Belfast with friendly atmospheres and better cocktails- dont waste your money

Submitted by Rachael on 21st December 2008

probably one of the best places for lunch in belfast.

Submitted on 7th December 2008

D the reason you prob enjoyed it is because everyone else has stopped going or you are looking to grab a married woman or man! stay away there are better places in belfast that wont cost you an arm or a leg just to hold a glass

Submitted by david on 27th November 2008

Best place in Belfast for a Friday/Saturday night out...good staff...recommended

Submitted by D on 13th November 2008

This place looks great - but after that forget it - no customer service skills at all. wish i had seen the reviews before i went , that way i would have avoided this awful place. they should change the name to CAFE AWFUL. give it a miss

Submitted by J FLYNN on 26th October 2008

My wife and friends went there last night and really did not enjoy it. The bouncer was very unfiendly an seemed to be on his own little power trip. There are some many nice places to go in Belfast that I will certianly will not be wasting my time goin here.

Submitted by DMAC on 25th October 2008

never experienced anything as awful as this before-dreadful ignorant staff and awful customer service-wont be back and neither will anyone i speak to. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Submitted by Dmcd on 21st October 2008

Dined at these premises on 17/10/08 - the staff were rude, the food was overpriced,over-rated.Some of our food had to be sent back as it was burnt and the staff got annoyed when we complained.Waited for over 30 minutes for drinks all in all it has to be the worst place in belfast for customer service - avoid this place at all costs!

Submitted on 19th October 2008

Nice place to go and have a coffee at lunchtime, as for a proper night out...forget it.

Submitted by a.m.m on 16th October 2008

Had its day long ago. Overpriced, pretentious, and a nightmare to even get a drink within 30 minutes of waiting. If you want to pull a married man/woman or a desperate divorcee then this is the place. Bit of a meat market for the psuedo affluent types.

Submitted by MarkyG on 3rd October 2008

As a regular patron of Cafe Vaudeville I have to say I have seen a general improvement over time in the type of music played (it's now more up to date dance than the god awful selection of songs which are still played week in and week out in Bar 7 - my mates and I are convinced there is one CD that is doing the rounds as we can now predict which song is coming next, ("It's Build Me Up Buttercup!"), although I still think there should be more chart dance instead of DJ's own obscure personal favourites that only they know. Yes drinks are expensive but just not much different from any other club in Belfast. I have to agree that the bar staff are pretty slow and don't show much enthusiasm which seems to be a more and more common problem in Belfast with a constant stream of cheesed off punters standing at the bar. I can't understand why these places don't realise that paying a couple more bar staff would pay dividends in drink sales. All in all it's probably the only place in Belfast worth going to for anyone over 30 which is a pretty sad state of affairs for a decent sized city.

Submitted by Tony H on 31st July 2008

Excellent food - especially the steak done rare. Only slight gripe is that when I paid for the meal at the end the staff didn't bother bringing back my change as they took this to be the tip. Im happy to tip but it should be my choice how much and does not necessarily go without saying. Bit presumptuous really. Having said that, though, i would definitely go back for the food.

Submitted by Gareth Dowden on 9th July 2008

Had a fabulous meal in cafe vauderville last thursday night, the service was brillant, I had seabass and it was the best I've ever had and I am quite hard to please! I unfortunately had a tray of drinks of thrown over me by another customer who did not feel the need to offer to replace the drinks, it was an accident but the bar lady saw what had happened and immediately replaced them - without me having to ask! Excellent service. It was only my fifth time to visit but I've never been disappointed - I'll be back.

Submitted on 7th July 2008

As a visitor to Belfast i thought i would go to this place as i enjoyed it on my last visit 3 years ago.I was so dissappointed.Standing in the queue we could see and hear the door staff were rude and cheeky to other customers.So unprofessional. Once past the hired thugs we got in and ordered drinks.Expensive is not the word.More like rip off.The bar staff didnt have a clue.Advise to everyone.Avoid like the plague.Awful night.

Submitted by T.Pressle on 9th June 2008

I will keep it plain and simple. This place has had its day.Its terrible now.Wont be back.

Submitted by Mrs.Topping. on 2nd May 2008

I have been to Cafe Vaudeville twice. Find the staff and bouncers pretencious and unfriendly. Food and drinks very overpriced. At weekends, the ground floor too packed, no room to move. However I do like the feel of the place and enjoy the live bands.

Submitted on 21st April 2008

After reading the reviews I was slightly apprehensive about going to Cafe Vaudeville for a special birthday lunch. I have to say the food was excellent the staff were very friendly and welcoming and it was a good atmosphere.

Submitted on 10th April 2008

Trying to be something its not in a city that thinks its something its not... already of to a bad start. Anyway, its got some style and combined with hefty prices will ensure that you will not be in an athmosphere surrounded by gold chained skin head shaven tracksuit bottomed blokes... overall 4/10. Its clients are a bit snobish without being snobs... dont know how that works!

Submitted by Joker on 5th March 2008

well what to say, i used to go to this place all the time, now its gone to the dogs!! the service is crap, i waited over 30 mins to get a drink which was well over priced, another time i went we got turned away by the door staff casue i had pink trainer type shoes on, another time we all got turned away becasue all but one member of out party didnt have id, keepin in mind the average age of us all was 24, i avoid this place at all cost now, its tryin to be somehin it isnt!

Submitted by liza crawford on 3rd March 2008

I was in Vaudeville last night (Feb 16th) and was pleasantly surprised! The music was top notch dance, plus the door staff were very friendly and welcoming, and the clientele seemed to be a lot more respectable than before.

Keep up the good work!

Submitted on 17th February 2008

Dreadful place this Cafe Awfulville.Rude door staff followed by rude bar staff. Worst bar in Belfast. Avoid like the plague.

Submitted by T.Carson on 9th January 2008

Awful place, went for a family night out before christmas, turned into a nightmare. Had drink poured over me, got charged for someone elses drink by a spidey bar monkey and some spiv had a go at me as i nudged past him (in an overcrowded bar!) resulting in on of our company getting manhandled out by the most ignorant, rude

Submitted on 9th January 2008

for people who go most weeks the door staff turned us away one week cause we were to late 11 the place was half empty thats good management for you

Submitted by steven on 24th December 2007

Would go back again. A good atmosphere and CLEAN TOILETS! :D I dont mind paying an extra 20p a pint when you have the comfortable knowledge that you can go for a clean No.2 AND have toilet roll too! AMAZING!

Fantastic live band playing! Real musicians playing Real music... not a bunch of sweaty teenagers shouting about how they hate life! ha ha

Nice looking bar too!

Submitted by Tomski on 21st December 2007

Just thought I would give credit where its due,Cafe Vaudville has one of the best bar maids in town,Maureen who works upstairs really knows what customer service is,she really does a great job even when the place is packed.Keep up the good work...

Submitted by B.Morgan on 5th November 2007

This so called deluxe bar has had its day.Its a place that is over priced,has rude door staff and bar staff.Management havnt a clue about customer service.Not recommended unless your desperate.Advise to the owners... sell up.

Submitted by G. Williams on 3rd November 2007

This is supposedly one of Belfasts few 'Luxe' bars. However they are obviously aspiring to be something that they are most definitely not, as this is not a luxebar.

On a Saturday visit, we were greeted with an unwelcome, sizeable queue. Just before entry we had to watch in frustration as two rather inarticulate and unprofessional doormen casually let groups of women in ahead of everyone else.

The place was unnecessarily filled beyond capacity, and we waited 15 minutes at the bar for a drink!? Ridiculous. And the heat was unbearable. The barstaff were also abit on the shabby side for a luxebar.

We then had to stand like sardines and endure awful, over loud, dance music...and there was glass all over the floor.

It was not a pleasant experience. We remained for as long as it took for us to finish our drinks, and left. Before we left, my partner headed to the toilet, and upon return he informed me that the only gents toilet was up THREE flights of stairs!?

I will not be returning. Nor will i be recommending it to anyone. This place is a huge dissappointment.

Submitted by Ciara R on 3rd November 2007

For a bar which prides itself on being "posh" it certainly has its fair share of chain wearing spides.

Submitted on 23rd October 2007

food and service poor. there was a number of underage teens in the bar 3 of whom were drunk and loud. the toilets were absolutley filthy. i would not have allowed a dog in there. total nightmare.

Submitted by j hinds on 15th October 2007

If your looking a decent place to go to at the weekend dont go here.It is a terrible place.The door men are rude,the bar staff dont know what they are doing,the prices are crazy and the interior looks like its been done by Stevie Wonder.Awful place.Wont be going back.

Submitted by M.Thompson on 2nd October 2007

Not a place I would recommend. The price of drinks is wild, it took me 45 minutes to get a drink one nite, it is about 4 deep at the bar, not enough staff on. As for other people, they are all stuck up

Submitted by C B on 7th September 2007

Trust me this is an awful place with awful staff.Tacky decour with tacky music.Go to Ollies or The Apartment.

Submitted by T.Carson on 7th September 2007

Must admit, any time ive been in Vaudeville ive had a good night. I agree with the comments about the bar staff though. Ignorant and unpleasant. Door staff speak for themselves in Belfast nowadays, no surprises.

Submitted by Gaz on 20th August 2007

A lot of people are calling this place 'pretentious' - I think that is given the staff and customers far too much credit. The doormen and staff act like they work in an exclusive, trendy establishment - this place is not exclusive as the customers are generally mutton dressed as lamb, and it certainly not trendy. Picture your worst ever office night out, combine it with your worst ever wedding party, through in overpriced drinks and dirty bar, tables and floor...and you could be here any saturday night.

Submitted on 10th July 2007

Bar staff are incredibly rude. Complete scum who just stand around chatting and never bother serving.Definitely not somewhere I would recommend, even to my worst enemy.

Submitted on 2nd July 2007

Im not one for heading out into a bar or club in Belfast but a friend talked me into going one Saturday night.Im glad she did now.Its a wonderful fun place.Yes there is a bit of a wait to get in but it was worth it.You need to go early to avoid the line outside.Around 8 is ok.The doormen outside and inside are so sweet.Bar staff are good and the prices are usual.I recommend it ladies.

Submitted by Mrs K. Patterson on 1st July 2007

Dreadful pretentious place. I'll stick to the friendlier bars in future - having lived in Scotland, LA, Bermuda, this is the most pompous place I've ever set foot in (and I've seen a few in LA...!) Only place in the world where they appear to have run out of Scots whiskey, a rather embarrassing event (especially as two of our group were from BBC NI and looked on in disbelief, they thought I was joking!) However, the toilets are quite pleasant, and a moment or two lingering in the loo was the establishment's saving grace. Later we went round the corner to a favourite local and it more than made up for our earlier 'shocker'. And we all needed a stiff one!

Submitted by Stuart on 30th June 2007

the place is nice inside, thats if you get a chance to see it. Bouncers are worse than the usual and continually allow anything in a short skirt to get in ahead of peolpe q'ing for 40 mins. I mean anything (50 yr old plus) no offence especially as the place was half empty so no H&S issues

I dont mind waiting but its a joke, this plac is trying to be so pretentious and exclusive. If you comment at all about the wait 'your bared' LOL

Even David Healey (NI soccer star) wasnt allowe in

Try Irene and Nans and leave this place to fade into oblivion when the next 'hip' bar opens in belfast.

Submitted by A W on 29th June 2007

Cafe Vaudeville is a great place to go on a Saturday night.Im there every week.The door staff are all great and the bar staff are excellent for such a busy and popular bar.Ladies this is the place to go to if you want a good night out in Belfast.Dont listen to those boring moaners who have no taste lol.

Submitted by Miss M.Reese on 27th June 2007

Well done again Cafe Vaudeville, poor David Healey refused entry. No doubt had the late great George Best turned up he would have been refused entry also. Stick to what your good at i.e. running baths 'cause you can't run a pub.

Submitted by Geoff@Moira on 19th June 2007

A beautiful building but full of pretentious people! The bouncers were lovely and very chatty but once I was inside I was annoyed to find that I couldnt dance because firstly there was no where to dance and secondly the music was rubbish!

Submitted by Mrs Morgan on 17th June 2007

Top class place.Have had a great night every time im there.Bar staff are hands on and the door staff are so friendly.If you want a good night out in Belfast CAFE VAUDEVILLE is the place to go.And its free in lol.

Submitted by G.Price on 30th May 2007

From once a week its now twice and sometimes three times a week there isnt a bar to touch it its great to see so many people having a good time as for the moaner,s well there is always the house and tele yes its hard to get a drink sometimes but no more so than most popular bars in the city

Submitted by eamonn on 28th May 2007

Had a great Saturday night as usual.That DJ Connor needs to change his music.Its as if he just has about 20 cheesey songs in his collection and plays them every week.Let that Slim guy do it every week.He plays the best music and its different every week.Bit of advice for the management.

Submitted by M Walker on 27th May 2007

Cafe Vaudeville is a great place.Saturday nights is the better night to go.The music is a mixture, the bar staff are friendly and the door staff are lovely.Im there nearly every week.So ladies if your stuck for some where new.Cafe V is your best bet.Love it.

Submitted by Mrs H Scott on 23rd May 2007

its a crap place.the barstaff are so busy trying to flirt with eachother its practically impossible to get served and when ya do ur overcharged for overpriced drink by undertrained staff.its just ridiculous.cheeky wee blonde girl wouldnt serve me because i was a woman.only interested in serving the men where she thought she could get tips.this place is a disgrace and should be avoided by anyone with any sort of taste.

Submitted on 11th May 2007

Lovely building, good bar, ok food and selection of drinks.


Dear lord are they ever pretentious. And the bouncers need to wise up, the dress code is ridiculous.

They actually had the AUDACITY (lol) to turn me away one night and for this reason I give them ZERO.

Go somewhere less pretentious.

Submitted by Michael Colgan on 23rd April 2007

Have the bouncers been trained in boot camp because they certainly don't know the term customer service or even the word "polite". I would like to say that I have only experienced this on one occasion but I'm afraid this has turned into a repeated disaster. CV is a place I'd return to minus the attitude you encounter before you even get into the place. Here's a hint if intend on taking your custom there, keep walking, there's some class bars around the corner in the cathedral quarter.

Submitted on 23rd April 2007

I heard through a friend about this bar and how good it was,so i decided to check it out for myself.I went with a few freinds on a Saturday night.Im glad i did.The front of the bulding is lovely to start of with.After being greeted by the friendly bouncers we went inside to what you would only call a `different style `of a bar.I felt at ease already.Took a short while to get a drink but it was worth it.The bar staff are friendly and know whats what behind the bars.The music caters for all ages.It was good to see no young folk there for a change.The bouncers inside were lovely and looked very smart.I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Belfast.Well done Vaudeville.

Submitted by Miss K.Spence on 20th April 2007

I have been to Cafe Vaudeville on three occasions as I never judge a place on just one visit. Each time the bar staff have been incredibly rude. Laughing (yes full on laughing) in the face of customers and talking amongst themselves and ignoring customers. I have been with three different parties 1) after work drinks 2) a girls night 3) a mixed birthday party. On each of these occasions we left early in disgust at how rude the barstaff were. They appeared to be looking down their noses at the customers. I will NEVER return, nor will a lot of people we have heard speak about this pretentious unfriendly place.

Submitted by Claire on 15th April 2007

Have been going now at least once a week for about a year the staff are great,the manager is hands on,the door staff are very good AND polite,i havent had a bad night there yet well done cafe vaudeville.

Submitted by eamonn on 2nd April 2007

Strange strange place, cant get a drink toilets are ten minutes away and wots up with the music? Chumbawamba? New York New York? Its a meat market full to the brim with a lot of dorreens from ' Birds of a feather' and old farts flashing cash trying to pull a 20 yr old. Make up your mind what this place is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by micheal stevens on 2nd March 2007

My one and only experience here was a shambles. After queuing to get in (already a bad start - this isn't Vauxhall) the decor is tacky and a totally wasted oppoturnity. The atmosphere was like a cattle market and the music was an after thought. I haven't been back - maybe its improved - but I never plan to return.

Submitted on 2nd March 2007

I used to love going to Vaudeville every Saturday, but back in June i left Belfast to move and work in Edinburgh. However, i was back for a fleeting last weekend and couldnt help going out with the crew to Vaudeville.

It was quite sad to see alot of the staff had changed so much.. handsome Mike the manager had gone, and handsome Chris the doorman!!? The most pleasant people who used to add to the great nite that was Vaudeville.

The crowd had changed aswell, but it didnt stop us girls having a great night out. Thanks to Vaudeville, for being the sunshine in what is such a grey city.

Submitted by Kim Miller on 26th February 2007

Went on sat nite for the first time and had a fantastic time cant wait to go bk this weekend.OO and boys its hiving with talent i swear dey all meet a cafe vaudeville.

Submitted by Adam on 22nd January 2007

I left a comment previously regarding the Simply Swing concert on the 23rd of Nov that i attended and thoroughly enjoyed.

In Marty's defence, and directed at a slightly confused (i think )Jim below, the orchestra night was a one off and Marty sang fantastically, with only one sintra cover that westlife covered so i believe his comments to be unjust and unfair towards the singer!

Oh and Jim, this was a ticketed event and not open to the public, so why did you buy a ticket if you didn't like the singer?????

I would advise anyone who is around town on a saturday to call in and see Marty in action, he is fantastic at all the old favourites and is much more than a tribute act! (p.s. he's not to bad looking either girls!!)

Submitted on 9th January 2007

Top class place to go on a Friday and Saturday night.Staff give a good service.Even the bouncers are friendly and sweet.Music is ok but needs to change is selection more.Great change for Belfast.

Submitted by Mrs.Williams on 6th January 2007

Whats so great about this Marty guy singing Swing Music? Orchestra was good but I wouldnt say he was all that.

Copying Westlife if you ask me!!

Food is lovely and the decor is like something from a Cruise ship.

Will be returning but not on a night when the awful tribute guy is cheap.


Submitted by Jim Bowden on 5th January 2007

I enjoy every visit to Cafe V. Service is excellent, management/staff/doormen are always friendly, cosmopolitan atmosphere , decor is amazing, top class food, all in all a much needed classy Belfast venue.

Submitted by Judith on 1st January 2007

I really enjoyed my first visit to CV last Saturday night.The place is what Belfast needs.From when i walked in i knew i was going to have a great night.The bouncers on the door are so friendly and theres a few lovely looking ones inside too.Not the usual meat head thugs you get in other bars.The bar staff where so professional and knew what they were doing.Apart from nowhere to leave my coat i love the place.Highly recommended for single ladies out for a good night.Saturday at Vaudeville.What a night.

Submitted by Miss.G.Carson on 3rd December 2006

Was at the Simply Swing Concert on Thursday 23 November 2006 Martin John and the Orchestra were amazing. The night was electric very professional. Wish there was more of these. Great great night

Submitted on 27th November 2006

The only pub i have ever been to in the world that had no Scottish malt whisky. They had only one brand and had "ran out" while we were there after two rounds. One of our party made a complaint to the "management" and we were all refused service after this. We all had travelled from around the world to meet in Belfast and selected this bar as good venue to meet, what a mistake. There were no people in the bar when we arrived and very few when we left. Remember this place cost millions and is in Belfast city centre, yards from city hall and was as empty as their stock of whisky. I have been in this bar several times in the past but will never return an neither will any of the company i was with. I would have thought that some one who is employed as a manager could at least manage to have whisky in his bar and if not go to an off sales and buy a bottle for the patrons instead of refusing service to the group for his lack of skills.

Submitted by Geoff Speers on 23rd November 2006

CV lacks atmosphere it is one of the worst bars i have ever been to! the decor is tacky and completely OTT!

Submitted on 17th November 2006

my bf and i are both in the door trade so dont get out to often but when we do we go to CV. the door staff are all great, very friendly, although there is a strict door policy that i can understand.

the decor is quite upmarket, but so is the bar so it is a good combination.

music is loud enough to dance to but not so loud u have to yell to be heard so its a good all round night club.

more for the older crowd though.

Submitted by m on 26th October 2006

I went to CV Last friday night with my hubby, my girlfriend and her man, the singer marty was great as was the food, unfortunately a large fat bald bespecticaled bouncer who was not doing his job when we went in the door, stopped me inside once we had organised a table for dinner and had got ourselves drinks, came over and informed that I would have to leave as i had tattoos on show, I had researched on the web days before and there was no door policy stating this or anything about dress code either in fact, I choose to ignore him but he came up again when I was in the middle of eating and told me again, I asked to speak to the manager, needless to say he never appeared, but a very nice floor manager lady came apologised for the bouncer, but it left a really bad taste in my mouth. They should really sort their door policy out and the manners of their bouncers. I would go back again because I would not let a overweight overpaid doorman spoil what is a great venue. Give him a people management course!

Submitted by Joan Blain on 2nd October 2006

I went for lunch just after it opened. Got in ok but waited an age to be seated, then waited an age to be served,then waited an age for average food. The service was poor although we got two free drinks by mistake as the staff didn't seem to know who was serving whom and they weren't included on the bill. Interior is Julian Clarry on speed and camp as anything i have been to but well worth the visit. Toilets too high up in the building but spotless. Drink prices ok, enough to keep the shellsuits and trainers brigade somewhere else. I will go back and hopefully the service may have picked up but look out the Merchant has arrived !!

Submitted by Geoff on 23rd September 2006

i think Cafe V is one of the best bars in Belfast. The decor is amazing! The staff are friendly and most of them know what they're doin and it is one of the only bars in Belfast to have friendly bouncers! Great after work on a friday I loved the swing music. Top class would go back again and again. Oh and the food was gorgeous too!

Submitted on 30th August 2006

What a wonderful place to go on a Friday and Saturday night. The ex bank is what Belfast needs.The bouncers were friendly,smartly dressed,polite and most might i add cute too.I had to queue for a short while but it was worth it though.The inside is amazing.Must of spent a fortune. The bar staff were kept very busy by the amount of people in the place.Took a little while to get a drink which i didnt mind as i was enjoying the music. The only downfall i had was no cloakroom and the toilets are a bit far.I noticed the customers were all of a mature crowd and no teenagers which is good.I would recommend Vaudeville to anyone who likes a touch of Belfast class.Keep it up Vaudeville.

Submitted by Mrs.J.Miller on 29th August 2006

I don't get out much as I actually work in the Bar trade. However I was lucky enough to happen upon this place as my girlfriend was meeting some friends here after work and I called in to join them.

Although it might have been the time of day (around 6pm) but I had no problem from a very pleasant doorman who opened the door for me and the staff were very on the ball.

Some of the decor when you look closely is a little tacky but as the placed gained a few more punters the atmosphere improved to the point that you really didn't notice that.I am really picky about these places and I really liked it. The staff were trying hard to please and it wasn't that expensive.

Submitted on 24th August 2006

What a refreshing change! Three of us went on a girlie weekend to Belfast and absolutely loved it. Cafe Vaudeville, Marty, and the Moulin Rouge style decor just set it off for us perfectly. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Submitted on 15th August 2006

What a wasted opportunity ... beautiful building but the Interior Designer obviously went mad with the budget and the place is totally OTT , but not in an ironic or good way. Mish mash of styles that just bump into each other like a really bad wedding DJ.

Door policy is hopeless and most people are laughing at how much money they must be losing due to poor management & service.

The bouncers need training ... if they can not differentiate between spides with shoes and nice people with smart trainers, they should not be picking clientele.

Whilst the nice people are elsewhere having fun, the mutants are tapping their feet to the live (sic) bands

Submitted by Fabio Cassartelli on 24th July 2006

I went for lunch just after it opened. Got in ok but waited an age to be seated, then waited an age to be served,then waited an age for average food. The service was poor although we got two free drinks by mistake as the staff didn't seem to know who was serving whom and they weren't included on the bill. Interior is Julian Clarry on speed and camp as anything i have been to but well worth the visit. Toilets too high up in the building but spotless. Drink prices ok, enough to keep the shellsuits and trainers brigade somewhere else. I will go back and hopefully the service may have picked up but look out the Merchant has arrived !!

Submitted by Geoff on 7th July 2006

I went for lunch just after it opened. Got in ok but waited an age to be seated, then waited an age to be served,then waited an age for average food. The service was poor although we got two free drinks by mistake as the staff didn't seem to know who was serving whom and they weren't included on the bill. Interior is Julian Clarry on speed and camp as anything i have been to but well worth the visit. Toilets too high up in the building but spotless. Drink prices ok, enough to keep the shellsuits and trainers brigade somewhere else. I will go back and hopefully the service may have picked up but look out the Merchant has arrived !!

Submitted by Geoff on 6th July 2006

From a guys perspective. Simply a great place to meet nice women.

Submitted by M on 9th May 2006

This place has managed to build up more resentment amongst Belfast's punters than just about any other place in history. Queueing people outslde to give the illusion of a full house is the oldest trick in the book and ultimately self defeating as you treat potential customers poorly in order to give the illusion of a busy bar. The bouncers are a disgrace, I have managed to gain entry once to this place from a total of five attempts. I have worked in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years now and have had the opportunity to travel all over the globe with my work, so am unused to being treated in such a way. Once inside the bar was ok, if lacking in atmosphere and full (well half full actually) of cheap suits. Don't think I'll be back, and by the time they change their door policy it'll be too late, the great Belfast public's patience will have worn thin and they will have moved on to the next new establishment to open up (The Merchant???) which will hopefully learn from Gaudeville's mistakes.

Submitted by Ali Baba on 16th April 2006

this bar has a beautiful setting and is has a massive high ceiling, very well done up. unfortunately, like a lot of belfast bars, it has a misplaced sense of its own importance. the bouncers yet again seem to think they are very important people who can treat customers as if they were sheep. i have only ever managed to succesfully get into this bar on one occasion, every other time i was just kept in a queue by the bouncers whilst other folk would walk right up to them and get allowed in. on one of the occasions my girlfriend was actually inside and when i phoned her she told me the place was empty (we left and went elsewhere. to bar 12 in fact. if you want a good pint in a pleasant unpretentious bar you could do worse than to try there).

anyway this is typical of this bar and a lot of other trumpted up belfast bars. i've lived abroad in several countries and i have to laugh at the self-importance so many belfast bars give themselves. unless you kiss the bouncers' arses you don't get in. it is a shame because it does look like a beautiful bar, but it is so tedious trying to get into it. i would only ever go again if forced.

Submitted by A McElholm on 16th April 2006

Hi! Myself and some work collagues went tot cafe vaudeville on a wednesday evening after a stressfull day. We had dinner and it was fantastic, from the friendly staff to the beautiful food, we also got a very plesant suprise when a three piece band started to play, the coolest sounding guys i have heard in years. Well done Cafe Vaudeville keep up the good work.

Submitted by Robert Davis on 30th March 2006

We went to Cafe Vaud back in January and have been going there very few weeks since. The decor is out of this world but the food was not much to write home about.

However regarding entertainment, I believe that reviews on here have been very bitchy and they obviously know the acts that they have been sticking up for. I quote "the music was worthy of the Royal Variety Show. we now visit every friday at 6pm without fail and would advise anyone who likes swing and jazz to follow.... p.s. i also believe that the thusday night fella James has been let go and has now been replaced by a salsa night... think i'll have a go."

All I would say is that I heard both of the acts mentioned Marty and James and would say that they have very different styles of singing the same kind of music. This is not an excuse to slag someones performance off. I think the fan clubs (families and friends!!!) of Marty and James should lay off the reviews and let the 'real punters' have a say. Maybe even they should join forces and get a third on board and become The Rat Pack instead of people creating all this rivalry between them!!! They are probably good friends for all we know and are sitting at home laughing at these!!

James has left Vaudeville, but not under the terms as said below. I know this as a group of my friends and I went last Thurday to watch him and was told by the bouncer that James could not perform on the night that they had requested. So we will continue to go and see Marty there and look out for James somewhere else.

Sorry about the long post but I just felt something had to be said for all this bitchiness. People come on these sites to get a flavour of the restaurant not to read a full scale slagging match!

I hope I have not spoken out of line or offended anyone.


Submitted by Rachel Johnson on 15th March 2006

Who is this guy Marty?

I went to cafe vaudeville this week, on friday night and experienced a fantastic voice and the youngest crooner i have ever heard. I have worked with the likes of Shirly Bassey and Johnny Logan many moons ago, although i know talent when i hear it. Everything about this place is out of this world and having a singer like that on board makes the experience all the more interesting

Submitted by Frank Gallagher on 13th March 2006

My first experience of Cafe Vaudeville was going there for lunch with my extended family on Saturday before heading to the theatre. I have family in Vienna and although I can understand that some people might find the cafe's decor tacky and thrown together, it really did give off a combination of different continental/mainland Europe and also colonial overtones which myself (and my Austrian mother) thoroughly enjoyed, having spent a great deal of time in Belfast wishing it would catch up with the "Kaffeekultur" of the continent. In the end we didn't have time for coffee, but the food was great (not at all overpriced) and I'll definitely be going back again not only for coffee but also for some of the live jazz I've heard about. Hope the coffee and patisseries are good after all that!

Submitted by Ingrid on 12th March 2006

A group of us went to CV for lunch .It was amazing.The decor is worth a visit alone.I was blown away by the service, the food and the surroundings.What a brave and refreshing venture for us conservative Shafties.Bravo Caf? Vaudville!

Submitted by "Betty Boop" on 11th March 2006

I think the comments from Gemma Riley are slightly about face. we called in for the first time one thursday night for a drink and were deafened by an arogant jazz singer, which put us off for a few weeks. We tried Cafe Vaudeville again on a friday and experienced Simply Swing with Marty and it was fantastic. He was completly laid back and annouced that everyone should sit back, relax and not worry about clapping, this certainly made a change from our previous experience. The food was excellent and the music was worthy of the Royal Variety Show. we now visit every friday at 6pm without fail and would advise anyone who likes swing and jazz to follow.... p.s. i also believe that the thusday night fella James has been let go and has now been replaced by a salsa night... think i'll have a go.

Submitted by John McGill on 7th March 2006

Whilst this place may be to some people's taste I find it gaudy and the decor to be in complete contempt of what is a beautiful piece of Victorian Utilitarian Architecture, from the tacky painted "marble effect" on the pillars, to the plastic plants, right down to the cheap, cheesy mirrorballs on the ceiling 95 (I could go on). Many people are ranting and raving about how good this place is. As far as I am concerned, it's one of the most tasteless, wasted opportunies I have ever witnessed. The bouncers are rude, the dress code a relic from the 1980s, the service poor at best and the food averge, yet overpriced. If you are the sort of person who likes dress codes, the soundtrack from Grease and Abba playing and being made to queue outside even when it's not that busy inside, then this is the place for you. Otherwise avoid at all costs.

Submitted by Alan Smith on 4th March 2006

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