Bert's Jazz Bar

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A decadent jazz bar: Bert's Jazz Bar is the first authentic jazz bar in Northern Ireland offering both an excellent selection of live jazz and mouth-watering food.

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The Merchant Hotel
County Antrim
Post Code
Distance From Belfast City Hall
0.6 km

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Customer Comments and Reviews of Bert's Jazz Bar

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Went to Berts Bar last week and actually enjoyed it a lot. Very swish decor and an enjoyable place to have a drink. Pricey but worth it. The only thing poor was the music, some Belfast hacks in suits trying to do Sinatra stuff, it was woeful. Cool place though.

Submitted on 9th September 2011

The decor and design of Bert's Bar is stunning and the effort that has been made to make this bar a jewel has paid off, tenfold. The quality of the food is not michelin but is of a high enough standard to be acceptable. However, I have been now a few times and can honestly not express how annoyed I was by the music. I am a fan of jazz music and was extremely saddened to see the same old tired acts that have been tramping around Belfast for the last 10 or 15 years on the club scene. Surely the days of jobs for the boys must have past and Bill who's taste in music was always good, should be more discerning in what acts he is booking for what after all is being advertised as a 'Jazz Club'. Singers trawling their way through old standards with a poor cabaret backing, is not the way forward. Great club, lousy music.

Submitted on 14th April 2011

Love this place, it's got some of the jazz I've ever heard, that said, I'd not really listened to any jazz before I went there. Still, it was great so it was.

Submitted by Jim on 5th March 2011

Went on Friday 21/1/2011 for a family members birthday. Lovely atmosphere and food was great. Jazz band were fantastic, lead singer had great personality. Enjoyed it so much going back next month.

Submitted on 26th January 2011

this is NOT a jazz venue, they have pathetic background noise makers annoying those eating. What a waste of a great space. This club has all the potential in the world, but obviously the management has NO idea what a real jazz club is, let alone what it takes to put on quality music. This is embarrassing that they actually say they have 'world class' jazz on their website. The musicians that I have seen when I was there recently are some of the poorest musicians I have seen in probably my entire life of going out over 50 years to jazz clubs around the world. What an extreme disappointment.

Submitted by fred lincop on 6th January 2011

My friends and I went for a meal on Saturday night to Berts for my birthday. The food was delightful and the service fantastic. After our meal we enjoyed cocktails and the live Jazz. A great all rounder, we will definitely be back soon.

Submitted by Sarah on 16th November 2010

Love the bar and the food but where is the saturday night singer gone :(

Submitted by Ciara on 11th November 2010

i was in berts jazz bar last nyt the place looks great the food was realy lovly,scallops an crab hash was a absolute joy to eat,service was realy fast for a busy saturday night main course the hake was cooked beautiful an so the steak well dne to the chefs an people who work for berts.keep up the hard work its paying off. thanks for a brill night john and mellisa.

Submitted by john hillerby on 24th October 2010

An absolutely horrible place. Service was atrocious with our waiter offering the special of scallops and then bringing down bowls of mussells. He apologised but I thought this was such a large mistake, which in turn delayed the arrival of our starters.

For the mains, portion sizes are awfully small when you take into the consideration the price of the food. My steak was small enough to fit in a burger bun, and it was not cooked the way I asked for it to be. The pork fillet was also tiny. Shoe strong fries were burnt, and my steak was served on a wooden board. I was not impressed at all.

To top it off, the bill was VERY unclear about when had been charged. The waiter offered to take the service charge off (which should not be applicable for a party of 4) and appeared to take off the starters. We had 2 bottles of win at �£21 each, and we notice a 3rd �£21 charge. We thought this was for a 3rd bottle of wine we did not order, but it was in fact for the NEW starters at �£7 each, which we never told the price of.

It only takes one bad experience to ruin it, and you are only as good as your last performance. Stay away, a horrible place to eat.

Submitted by Curtis on 21st October 2010

Was at Bert's Bar recently for lunch one Saturday afternoon. I really enjoyed the chilled out atmosphere and good service. Not wanting a big dinner, we ordered starters, but were horrified at the TINY portion sizes - be warned, we paid Â�£30 for a couple of mouthfuls of food, a glass of wine, 2 coffees and a sparkling water...

Submitted on 17th October 2010

Food; expensive, very restricted menu, not really a place to which you would plan a quick return for the food.

Atmosphere: I found it intimate and warm, however, the lighting is odd. The seating is also very haphazzard. Not good.

Music: the only reason you would possibly give this place a return visit is if the music made up for the failings. Sadly, unless you like lounge music, you will be disappojnted. You pay Â�£10 per person for the table. This standard of music should be called house music and not charged for. Also, irritatingly I notice, the charge is actually Â�£11 as you pay service on the service.

Submitted by Richard on 9th October 2010

Was taken to Bert's last night for birthday treat. Good news is that this could be a fantastic venue. Bad news was that the lighting was so poor (atmospheric??) that I had trouble reading the menu and finding the ladies was an adventure. Had crab and potato hash for starter - no taste of crab but nice potato cake. Main course of Chicken Chasseur was to say the least poor. Tiny portion of chicken with a shallot in a watery wine sauce. NOTHING else! Prices were overboard for what we got. One particular bar person had not got a clue - did not know what Kir Royale was! But as I said this could be a fantastic venue. I just hope the management do the tweaking soon. Won't rush back.

Submitted by Deirdre, Belfast on 1st October 2010

Went to Berts last night - what a disappointment! After all the hype about the Art Deco interior of the new hotel extensionl, nothing about the bar reflected this, just boring red velvet

Submitted on 12th September 2010

Tks to everybody at Berts very nice food and live music last Saturday loved it .

Submitted by Tom and Kate on 27th August 2010

What a great night we had at Berts. The food was great , cocktails very nice however the service at the bar was a little slow , the place is beautifull and the music was devine the guy had some voice and the choice of music was great and a lovely band (a drummer would lift it even more ) we will be back well done bert's :)

Submitted by jenny aldershot on 27th August 2010

Was at "Berts" yesterday. The Sun was shining. We sat outside. We could have been in any City in the world. It was a great Feeling. Drinks were excellent. Service was excellent. Manners of staff were outstanding. An excellent Addition to the new Belfast. Food Menu looked very good. We will be back ! Well done to the Merchant !!

Submitted by Keith on 27th August 2010

As jazz lovers, we went there for our wedding anniversary with a bit of excitement. The food choice was limited but of good quality (not memorable, we can't remember what we had two weeks later, and similar to the group's Cloth Ear), wine choice ok and prices very reasonable (we dined with Prosecco), the tables are very close from each other so dont expect any real privacy, but great to listen unobstructed to your neighbour's discussion. BUT the music was the big let-down: one pianist and one saxophone only a crooner belting out Frank Sinatra songs! I mean, of all the jazz variants that exist, we had to listen to FS, when you get that every week at Cafe Vaudeville! And, wait, the saxophonist was reading his notes!!! In 20 years of going to jazz events, this is the first time ever we see a jazz saxophonist reading his music! Obviously he wasn't one, and was there - we guess - just for the paycheck! They need to greatly improve the music offering, and fast, if they really want to keep the tag as a jazz club! Otherwise we'll be back to Rowallane Jazz festival.

Submitted by Middle-aged couple from Belfast on 23rd August 2010

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