Beach Belfast (CLOSED)

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Beach Belfast

Bambu Beach Club is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9pm to 1am.
The Beach Club has 5 bars so there is plenty of room inside.
Party games, drinks promos and themed nights.

To find it go in to the Odyssey and head straight to the back.
The Beach Club is one of the largest venues in Belfast and does draw a large crowd.

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Beach Club
Odyssey Pavilion
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Submitted by JLO on 29th July 2013

had a great time at the beach club. first time. music was great and the bar staff were lovely. my only problem is that the crowd of people were too young for me. its more of a younger age group.

Submitted by anoymous on 3rd March 2013

Bouncers are horrible! Bad service too

Submitted on 16th September 2012

The beach club was always a good spot to start the nite? But the dress code has changed so much in all the clubs in Belfast? I really think more people should make there own partys and it this up because it's not us who needs the clubs in Belfast it's the clubs that need our support, and if that goes?? I'm sure things will change.

Submitted on 29th April 2012

People here who are trying to give the bar staff a bad name need to grow up.

I work on the bar in beach what you really need to bare in mind we have to deal with ignorant and rude people throughout the night. we have people clicking their fingers in our faces..waving money in our faces..people shouting and giving off and I've also had people grabbing my arms and hands to get served. And to be honest, we don't have to put up with it.

Beach has an amazing atmosphere and the bar staff in general have good craic with eachother and the customers. So you be nice to us, we'll be nice to you :).. Patience goes a long way.

Submitted on 24th April 2012

it needs to sort out that horrendous sound system,its getin pushed too hard and its left my ears riniging for few days,they need to tone it down a bit or somebodies gona claim of them,iv worked in the sound industry for over 20 years and have never had it that bad,pls sort it out.

Submitted by john on 11th April 2012

I used to come to Beach all the time and I've only had a problem once when my friend was told it wasnt her night but she wasnt drunk so i dont get what the problem was!

Submitted on 2nd March 2012

Awful bar staff. Completely ignorant and rude and was a lot more expensive than the price list here. No problems with the bouncers however.

Submitted on 20th February 2012

First time at the beach club the other night. Really enjoyed it hard to beat the promos on wed nights with pound drinks including mixer! I was waiting to see lots of chavs as its made out to be but to be honest their wasnt that many? No problems with staff,secruity shame it isnt open longer :)

Submitted by Anonymous on 3rd February 2012

Really laid back club, brilliant on hardstyle nights.

Submitted on 13th January 2012

Beach is my favourite club!! Bouncers and bar staff are lovely and everybody that goes is polite and holds doors open and everything and everybody is generally up for a laugh! Music is great na ddrinks are fairly priced!! Always have a great night!! Box is awful!! full of posers!! Beach ftw!!

Submitted by J on 9th January 2012

I agree with Mark does get a bit off a scummy crowd, even tho weds nights have great promos and gets a full house needs to get that crowd away and will be a great club.

Submitted on 23rd November 2011

good drink promos on a wed night. Apart from that it gets a scummy crowd! So many belfast spides about it. It's ridiculous lol. Give me the bot or scratch any day!

Submitted by mark on 22nd November 2011

this club is bad news for new comers,never in my life i have come across with a club ruined by security staff ,can somebody tell the owner or manager to clean this club of bad reputation by security staff....

Submitted on 26th September 2011

nights like these start off with a few quiets ones.

nights like these you just wanna have a great night and then someone suggests "BEACH"!!!

nights like these you spend an extra 10 minutes in front of the mirror cause u dont know who u gonna meet

night -s like these u get messy in the beach not knowing who ur dancing with

you were conceived on a night like this

so u grab some buds and you head out not knowing where youll wake up the next morning

gentleman you tidy ur room before u go out ... just incase

so lets get out there and make sure that good times never slow down!

Submitted by Tyrone and Curtis on 23rd September 2011

I go to both beach and box, they both have chavs/spides whatever you want to call them there.. You find them in every club and that goes for underage people aswell.. Box is pretty bad for underage girls especially! .. I love beach club im there regular and love it.. If your there with a good crowd and love chart music then its a perfect place for anyone! :) .. All the doormen are great! Aswell as the bar staff.. If your nice to everyone there nice to you.. Ive never had an issue from a bouncer or bar staff.. You find that its ignorant people who have trouble with bouncers/bar staff.. Anyway I love going to beach (sunday nights) which is usually packed from half 10ish-11 .. Love it :)

Submitted on 25th July 2011

iv been going there for maybe 4-5 years... and in that theres been a few refurbs...the place isnt bad now ... used to really cringe going to it...but im not that botherd cus i found club mono and thompsons are on the cards after a few 2.50 drinks lol... use common sence :)

Submitted by wee mac on 11th July 2011

Dont see why this place gets do many bad reviews , i love the place. Got turned away from Box by ignorant bouncer , dandered round to beach and got in no sweat bouncers there are usually dead on too. Love this place :D

Submitted on 27th June 2011

Great place for a sunday night out gets a big crowd, Love going out in the Odyssey.

Submitted by Johan on 30th May 2011

Decent on Thursdays but awful compared to the Box on a Saturday night.

Submitted on 27th May 2011

Personally i dont get all the digs at "Chavs" ... Stereotyping comes to mind? I love the beach club and have never had any problems with staff or bouncers, although i think if ur rude to them then ofcourse your going to get it right back! If people would give it half the time that they spent writting these comments then they would see that as well....

Submitted on 15th April 2011

I used to go when it was the old beach. The old traffic light sticker thing was new but quickly died out. It used to be good but quickly turned into a chav hole. Now i prefer the Appartment etc

Submitted by James/ 23 on 23rd March 2011

Beach gets students sorry no.. it gets only spides, millies r squadies thats it.. i understand that no one should be rude to you at work as your only doing a job !!

Submitted on 8th March 2011

I work on the bar in Beach and can safely say that if you're going to be rude to me, then I'll be rude to you! No ones ever paid enough to have people shout and yell abuse at them in their job. I've never once been rude to a customer thats stood and waited like a normal person and made their order like a normal person! Most of our customers are actually students! You'll get the odd spide in any club!!! and the girls are prettier than the boys when it comes to talent :P

Submitted by Suzie on 1st March 2011

Not a big fan of this place. Full of chavs that are disguised in checked shirts that have been turned away from Box and come back to the only place they fit in. Drinks were cheap..that's about the only plus side!

Submitted on 21st February 2011

possibly the worst club in belfast, doorstaff are completley horrible, been a few times and its been full of chavs. Horrible place

Submitted on 21st February 2011

love this place wat more culd u ask for 100% the best club in belfast

Submitted by sarah on 7th February 2011

Horrible club full of horrible people. It is full of chavs that cant speak right and 15 year old girls barely dressed. The staff are horrible, the bouncers are horrible and almost every BOY in the place has a short back and sides, a short sleeved checkered top and three teeth. Not recommended unless you dress as described above. If you get rejected from beach club, then you should just be glad, because they like their crowd to be "scum".

Submitted by Natalie on 29th December 2010

I agree with below comment, good club, terrible crowd, also bar staff can come across as slightly rude, nevertheless still a good club, might head back. :)

Submitted by Anom on 29th October 2010

Dont like the crowd this place gets now, used to be a great club sad how it has turned out.

Submitted on 15th October 2010

New country party night starts on Friday 1st October. Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Dixie Chicks, Kenny Rogers and all your favourite one-hit wonders like 'Cotton Eye Joe', 'Country Roads' and 'Amarillo' EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT! Strictly over 21s and catering for hen parties, work nights out and birthday groups. Bar staff dressed as sexy cowgirls and cowboys and full club decor with American flags, bunting, hay bales and sawdust on the floor. Admission Â�£3.00 before 10pm and Â�£5.00 after. Yee Haw!

Submitted by Yee Haw on 20th September 2010

Was there last night and didnt like the crowd that was in, like the person below said the doorstaff do let in anyone. And sure wernt they fighting outside the odyssey and it was the beach club crowd cus i seen the same crowd inside beach, Club itself is really nice inside and could be better dj plays the same songs over and over took a while to get served at the bar!

Submitted on 17th September 2010

Not a place to go if you want to enjoy your night out.

Submitted on 12th September 2010

Wat a nightmare of a place, sunday nights r just horrible the doorstaff let in anyone. And all they do is fight at the end off the night inside and outside the odyssey i was there 2 weeks ago and sunday night passed after bein away for a year for uni! wont be back again

Submitted on 7th September 2010

I arranged a night out with 20 of my friend and we were all going to meet inside the club, half of us were in and when i was asked for my ID which I handed over the bouncer asked me evrything that was on the ID card including my star sign and handed me it back and said not this I have been before and the other bouncers said you need to be a regular and we could get you are group there was. My sister seen a 17 year old get in. While we were standing outside the bar a 45 year old women did not have ID and did not get in and the bouncer said sorry becz of what she was wearing, which was white trousers and a pink vest top. I have to say I wont be back and totally agree with Sarah all the staff are arseholes.

Submitted by lindsay on 9th August 2010

Beach Club re-opens this Thursday after bein refurbed...cant wait to see the difference!! =)

Submitted by H on 22nd June 2010

i use to love beach club, but now they say its free in before 10 which is wrong as you still get charged going in, the drinks are watered down and the bar staff are complete arseholes.

Submitted by sarah on 29th April 2010

i love beach club but will my mates get in ok wearing random shoes n cloths? or is it as bad as box?

Submitted on 19th April 2010

heyyy as thinking of going for my brithday party, ive been before but some of my mates havnt.. worried that bouncers will be strict on what some of my male mates wear and what shoes they have on because its happened in other places like box and parlour to them. anyone no how bad they are about that sort of thing? i dont want to have to make 20 odd people change where they are going on the night.. thanks :)

Submitted by Fiona on 19th April 2010

@dean thats the 1 with blonde spikey hair cant remember his name,hes the light jockey :~)

Submitted by katie dublin on 12th February 2010

just as a reply to katie from dublin's post, the expected refurb date is from the 7th of march and expected to be closed for three weeks. Dates arent set in stone yet still no confirmation from our head office when exactly the refurb dates are.

I work in beach and my friend works in box and even she says that box is packed with spicers and every1 thinkning theyre better than you and she thinks beach is better!! :)

ice baby-you work there once in a while? lol when was the last time you worked there? and whats your name lol

Submitted by dean on 5th February 2010

awsomeness defined

Submitted on 31st January 2010

I went here for my 18th and it was brilliant!! its a really good nightclub. havnt been in a while like but will be going soon i hope:P:)

Submitted by wadely on 28th January 2010

The beach club will always be the best... maybe im a bit bye-ist cause i work there once in a while. ive been going there a few years now since i turned 18. Its the best place to be on a sunday night free in b4 10 2 pound a drink, music is always great, always good atmosphere, dance floor always packed...

Think Many will agree with me that

Beach Club


Submitted by ice baby on 28th January 2010

beach is an amazing club. since it is after christmas and new year it is a little dead but will pick up again once everyone is out of debt. being going to beach for 4 years and its gettin better every refurb in febuary place will be closed for 2weeks iv heard so make sure to come along and check out the new club. even go before the refurb and compare a before and after. let everyone know what you think. awesome atmosphere its quick to get served and prices of drink is really affordable �£2 a drink for cocktails spirits and mixers and bottles not forgetting shots at �£2 now thats good value.also champagne �£5 thats great. be sure to check this place out thanks katie from dublin im there twice a week thursdays and saturdays. love this place! xx

Submitted by katie from dublin on 21st January 2010

beach is best place 2 go by far !

free in b4 10 and �£2 a drink all nyt...cant beat it, plus they arent fussy wi letin ppl in,unlike m-club...any form of tattoo and ur knocked bak,beach is gd nyt out and the talent is brilliant :)

far better than that other joke the box, all spice boys and stuck up whores that go there who look dwn their nose at ya

up the beach club loyal ! :D haha

Submitted by king billy on 14th January 2010

beach club is a joke! and everybody knows it.

Submitted on 5th January 2010

OMG I wish I had stayed at home and subjected myself to JLS all night. This place is horrendous, Full of barely clothes 14 year olds. DJ clueless about decent music and played Lady Ga Ga over and over again. It was a complete cattle market with absolutely no atmosphere and people being sick in a corner or hanging off each other wasted.. Hell!!!

Submitted by Lucy on 4th January 2010

Only been once and i loved it. Definitely going back, bouncers were really dead on, really good to talk to and a great laugh. Pretty quick to get served at the bar, only had to wait a minute or 2 each time. Smoking bit outside is a bit small but you end up talking to everyone. Everyone seems really dead on and it's good craic. Loved it. LOVE BEACH!

Submitted by Love Beach! on 22nd December 2009

its a good night out, and reguardless if u work there or not its full off spide wee groups off fellas standing ass tight to each other starting on fellas on there own, they no who they are they stood at the smoking area hard as f**k Noooottttttt with a captial N, last foam party was crap beus off the spides but the foam party b4 that was great craic all fun and friendly people looking a good nite out brew cheques most not have cleared for the hard men that nite...........ha ha

any way great nite out but its hit or miss with the spides, u will no them 2 earings chains out walk about in groups cuz they are cowards on there own, if u see that sort off que at door try the box or go back into town

Submitted by steven gerrard on 30th September 2009

i was at the beach club 4 the A level result and i have tu say it was 1 good night i cant find any thing wrong apart frm the smoken bit lol its to small lol

the staff are brill and the boys well there ok lol

bit crowded but wat du u expect like its a class wee place lol will be back xxx

Submitted by kirsty on 25th September 2009

i have to laugh at every1 sayin its only spides and millies go to beach, ive worked in beach for ova a yr and half and i can say that are main custom is from students,, of corse theres guna b some spides but its a club in the middle of belfast what do u expect?

i know all the bouncers well and they r all reli dead on, although like all bouncers if theyre in a bad mood its guna affect who they let in :. as a regard to the underagers, EVERYONE that tries to get into beach have to have id and if some1 has an id that looks like them then of corse they will be allowed in because as far as the bouncers are aware IT IS THEM!! and every club has underagers in it theres nothing you can really do about it.

As far as customer service goes i do understand that bar staff can get a bit cheeky and i dnt condone it but look at it this way they have to put up with a lot of ignorant and cheeky people and it can get to u and annoy yu but i agree they really shouldnt take it out on any1 else. but be nice to bar staff and their nice 2 u. i work on the floor and i would say that the floor staff are among the nicest staff in the place becuase i enjoy talking to customers and having a laugh but people that are cheeky are really annoyin even tho they think theyre funny :| but if ur nice to me im nice to u. also when people lift theyre full bottles and glasses off the table whenvea we come along thats quite annoyin because we arent goin to lift ur 'full' drink. and when people constantly say in surprise 'look at all the age of him' ive been workin over a yr and haf and thats all i hear and its rather insensitve and VERY annoyin!!! i am obviously not lyk 12 ffs so wats tha point in sayin it!!

quite a life story there lol but i just want to thank anyone who comes to beach =] and if your ever in im the young 'looking' floor staff lol so feel free to talk to me.

Submitted by dean beach staff on 18th September 2009

The dance floor is good, right bang in the middle. The DJs are always excellent and every time I have been the music has been brilliant - a lot of 90's trance and good, dance-able electronica. They throw in chart music as well.

The place is known as a hole for spides which is not to be ignored but I have never had or seen any trouble / bother with people there.

I have also never gotten in without ID but everyone says it's fully of 15 year old girls so guys, make sure you ID them before taking them home!

Submitted by Mike on 13th August 2009

Everytime i've went here its been a laugh. Although ALOT of chav's/millies go to this place and also people who have been rejected by the box which are the chavy people i guess. Everyone says dont go here unless you wana pull a 12 year old and thats true. Bouncers are alright, let anybody in and there are some hot bar staff! Music is alright. but the first option for me would be the box.

Submitted by Katie on 25th July 2009

i've been going to the beach club since i was 18 and cant complain one bit.

first off the bar staff are lovely and friendly, the drinks are cheap, the place is always pretty well kept, the D.Js are a rite laugh, the music is great on a saturday night, the bouncers are dead on and never give me any hassle. And also wot are all yous on about it being a spide club? come on serious? every time ive been there i havent seen any, and you say its all youngters dat go now, well maybe your wrong and they are 18... because am 20 and i look about 16, and as far i know the bouncers always check id!

THE BOX - at least ya can dance in the beach club and get sevred at the bar within 5 mins instead of a half an hour and the staff gurls at the beach dont look down at you!! love the beachxx

Submitted by danielle on 14th July 2009

im going on thursday night, do they accept student cards?

Submitted by Jade on 8th June 2009

ive been a regular at the beach club for quite some time, been going since i was 17, loved the place because there always seemed 2 b the same croud so u got 2 know everyone, cheap drinks, cheesy music (which is hilarious on a night out) my only problem now is... i think im too old, im 21 in a few weeks n i feel like a 30 year old in there, its very teenybopper, which is fair enough, but ill b going elsewhere, kinda sad about it, like the end of an era lol

Submitted by natalie on 5th June 2009

beach is a good night out tho iv known people to go there for their "16th" birthday. like come on bouncers, you no the id is not them so why let them in? my mate got turned down from it when she was 18 like c,mon

Submitted on 4th June 2009

best night out ever

Submitted on 4th June 2009

hey gorge, love it here, go here, it's the fabulous club ever

Submitted on 14th May 2009

I love this place too much, the decoration is well lush and we go nearly every week. I go here soo much that i'm part of the furniture <3

Submitted by Jordan mcintyre on 9th May 2009

i love tha beach i go at least once are twice a week its my second home

Submitted by sarah patterson on 3rd May 2009

If you are older than 22, you are too old for this crazy place. It is pure cheese and v tacky - and that's just when you try to move your feet from the floor. Much loved by teens in their bum skimming skirts

Submitted by girlabouttown on 28th April 2009

went last nyt on the thursday for my b day

walked up bouncers were gd took one glance at the ID and got in straight away and told me to enjoy my nyt

drink was good at �£2 so wasnt complaining

i will be back :D:D

Submitted by ben 10 on 24th April 2009

Went to the beach club for my birthday, let me in for free and gave me and all my friends VIP passes for the following week :) thought this was great :) got in and the bar was packed but we always seemed to get served pretty quickly. the talent wasn't anything special, to be honest the staff were the best looking of the lot. been a few times since that and the bouncers have got to know our wee group and its always great craic. love the music, even if it is cheesy. the only negative thing i have to say about it is the toilets, they are far too small and you spend most of your night waiting to get into them and a few times ive been they havnt been the cleanest but i wouldnt hold this against them and i will definately be back. love it!!

Submitted by Beach Boi on 28th March 2009

I've been going 2 beach for a fair while now so here's my honest review

Prices - Usualy go on thursdays and sundays, Â�£2 a drink, cant complain with and entrace is either Â�£2 or free.

How Crowded / Busy - Downs stairs in always packed out only been their once when the upstairs was open though and on those nights it is deadly 2 get a drink, guys toilets are always pack as well

Friendliness of Other Customers - Usually really dead on, did once get punched by one guy while there (bouncers didnt do a think) which put me off it 4 a while. Part from that one time every 1's really freidly, n u can alwys get a laugh with ppl at the smoking area.

Customer Service - The guy bar tenders do by far favor the girls, but they'd only do it 2 u once so u only really have to wait an extra 2minutes like, and some of the female one's do the same, so it evens out.

Talet - Their are usually are fair lot of great lookn girls their, some stinkers though but they tend 2 stay of the dance floor so dsnt worry me.

Bouncers - Are kinda strict on ID, accept student cards, drivers licene and passport etc, if they're not 100% certain its you, they will make you sign a peice of paper 2 check the signature which is fair enougth. Only got turned away once because the guys I was with dressed to "spide like" so be warned. They hardly ever talk 2 the guys their, have tried 2 start conversations a few time to be nice n they rarely take it. Usually 2 busy eyeing up the females.

Music - Depends some times, one night it played really awful old chessy music. Most nights though the tunes are pretty decent with you dance remix of the current chart toppers which go down well. If your really into trance and the sort then beach isnt gonna be your favorite place, do play some trancey songs but none the "die hard" trance fans like.

About the dress code, u can go dwn in a t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans and shoes (no real trainer type shoes, although I have gotten in wearing adidas tenis shoes) Would advice wearing a shirt of jumper though because they can be a bit iffy on the t-shirts. Another word to the wise if you do down dressed to fanci then the bouncers will think you'v gotten rejected from box and are cm'n 2 them as a 2nd choice and sometimes wont let you in because of that.

All in all usually have a good night out their when you get the drinks in and get on the dance floor.

Submitted by Allen on 18th March 2009

Beach is grim...unless your a right chav in which case you'll have a l33f4l time bBz

Submitted by Box Rox on 18th March 2009

Am coming from Sydney in a few weeks and my cousin recommended this, so just thought i'd check the website out :)

seems pretty cool

Submitted by Carly on 21st February 2009

the reviews further down ore a load of rubbish! loved going to beach always had a good night cheesy music polite staff dead on bouncers! really good atmostphere infact i loved it so much i got a job there love it even more now!

always a good crowd in!

we didnt win best club in Belfast for no reason! themed nights are amazing! we do our best ta serve ya as quickly as we can but shouting at us isnt gonna get u served faster! as for the door men they are amazing love them all!! the fact of the matter is i wouldnt go anywhere else beach is the best dam club in belfast!!!!!!

Submitted on 15th February 2009

beach is amazin...

loving da music, its cheesy but wer else in twn wud ya find dat!! ;)

da girls nd guys dat cum here arent as snobby as dey wud b in da box and r here 4 a gud time!! not like da box 4 example wer dey all stuck up and push intil ya wen ur dancin, ne1 dats pushed past in da beach has always said sorry!! <<< dats normal people,!!!

bouncers are strict on id, my mates ave got turned away a few times and wer 18 and girls!! so jus proves their not only out to turn away da guys!!

sure da bouncers may push past ya wen ders a fight but if u wer da guy/girl in dat fight (accidently) would u not rather them get der asap??

ders always a good atmosphere in here, and bar staff always try der best 2 get ya served promto!! :D

and champagne a FIVER!! wer wud u find dat!!!

if i lived closer... id b here every weekend!! :D

love it!!! xxx

Submitted by SweetCheeks on 9th February 2009

1st time bein there was good cocktails wer nice good prices on sundays music alrite 4 a we dance lik over all i wud go bak gain

Submitted by eastbelfastnut on 8th February 2009

Alfie that is a sweeeeeeeet comment mate :D haha, havent actually been but what you see walkin towards it is enough for me!

Submitted by gj on 29th January 2009

I read some of the below comments and i must say i AGREE 100% about the fact that 2 people stated how bad the bouncers are, you CANT reason with them, if your 21 and they dont let you in, they dont give you a reason why, its a DISGRACE

Submitted by Rob on 26th January 2009

Good Points - In all honesty, i used to like the beach club, until the last few times ive been there, usually i get in fine as i am 20 and they have nothing against age as long as your 18 or over, the music is good, drinks are cheap and the girls are great.

my bad points are that you may not be able to get into the club just because of your dress sense, hair colour maybe even a design on your t shirt they dont like, its ridiculous how they will humiliate you and turn you away if they dont like something about you, right now me and a few of my friends dislike this club now, i hope they change in the future for the sake of the club.

Submitted on 26th January 2009

omg see all these ppl wining about it lyk

no wat to do dnt go back ive been to da beach

a couple of times and luved it was brill cudnt say a

bad thing about it and complaining the way girls dress goin there its there choice what they want to wear nd mybee if u would pay attention to the acuall name of the place ya might figure it out lyk lol and i havent heard about anythin bad appenin at the beach so id say the bouncers r doin what there supposed to be doin! so all i can say is drag urslef into da 21st century and enjoy lolxx

Submitted by janette on 22nd January 2009

am from scotland but am going to the beach club for my brothers 21st at the end of january, am not really a nyt club person the last time i was in a nyt club was july 2008, their another few things about it am not to sure about ave never bn out in northen ireland and the onli ID i have is a provisanal licence and a proove it card but i dont think any of these things are accepted as proof of age any more and am 21 lol but i look about 16, hope i can get in with these but am looki forward to it, xxx

Submitted by random on 10th January 2009

Crap, crap, and crap again!!!

Like a youth club, even music-wise. As someone else mentioned, it's spide's night out basically. If you're looking for somewhere with a bit of class then this is definitely NOT the place to go. I went once, and never again. Just not my scene I'm afraid

Submitted by An Adult on 9th January 2009

Over the past 5 years i have visited the beach club on many occasions, and used to visit it most sundays, although now i have to agree with most of what a lot of people below are saying.

Bouncers- react badly when something is happening in the other side of the room pushing there way past everyone knocking drinks over people, and in my eyes aint very friendly at all unless your a girl that flaunts themselves towards the bouncers.

Bar staff--apart from the odd view find a lot of the guys disrespectable and unwelcoming when asking for a drink. Even though your next the guys would just move on past and serve a female and in general waiting on a drink is a joke.

Music-- agree with person below that they need to drastically change the music scenes, same music over and and over again week in week out, no variety or intereting music.

People-- over the past year or so ive noticed that the age group has drastically dropped and on thurs past i noticed 2 16 year old girls that live in the same street as me , i agree that it is a joke that people get rejected even though they are legal age and a joke that these young girls mainly can get into the beach club even though they are well under age.

I may have complained there but thats my views on how i feel about the club itself but ill be there this sunday necking the mind erasure's

Submitted by chris on 15th December 2008

Went there for my 18th... LOVED it :P least they have nice bouncers compared to another nightclub in the odyssey..

Submitted on 12th November 2008

Can barley get to the sink in the toliets because of the people posing in the mirrors, probably spend most there night in there.

Submitted by Ciara on 1st October 2008

Beach Club is a good laff if you want a laid back night out.

Bar staff are actually quite dead on wen you take the time to be polite to them.

The only complaint is the toilets and the amount of underage girls in there, it gets a bit much wen you go to go to the toilet and there is girls that are 13-15 throwing up every where, not nice what so ever. PLEASE GET THE SINKS SORTED IN THE TOILETS. We always carry antibacterial gel and wipes in our handbags when we are goin there due to knowin the sinks are always broken.

Overall its a students club, and for those who are complaining that its full of half naked millies, get over yourselves its called the BEACH CLUB, its all in the name.

Beats the BOX hands down

Submitted by .... on 10th September 2008

Wen is the next foam party on..does any body know?? !!

Submitted by Alicia Cxx on 27th August 2008

I love the beach club even though there is alot of set backs for it! Im usually in there on a sunday.. the fact of the �£2 a drink is good but getting the drink is another thing! you have to spend ages queing up so you might as well get about three drinks at a time! the toilets where the males/females are together absolutely stinks! Its as if they have never cleaned them! The girls toilets, the sinks ! The two werent working for ages like a year now probably but now the THREE off them dont work now, so I got a jug of drink and tipped the ice into the sink. That must be the most unhygienic thing a club/bar could offer! As for the bouncers they're nice, and they do they're job! My mate was near refused as she has the worst possible id even though it is her and she is gorgeous, she was still going to get refused! They so should have upstairs opened on a sunday as it gets so damn packed but thats probably lack of staff! All the comments about how its half naked girls and mill bagsetc.. it is 20th century get a life, you would expect it, its belfast!..

Submitted by Kay on 11th August 2008

I have had so many bad experiences with this place! My friend wasn't allowed in before with his ID even though he is 19. My friend told the bouncers it was him in the photo and they told him they knew it was him and that he was 19 but it "just wasn't his night" So he continued to question them about how it "wasn't his night" and they said he was starting to get annoying and to go away. The bouncers are having a laugh like, they are so unprofessional...but there's no surprises there lol. The entire club seems so unprofessional, it appears to be run by a group of milly's or steeks. I was there last week for a birthday and the taps don't work in the toilets anymore so anyone who goes to Beach doesn't wash their hands after they go to the toilet. Im sure that's against hygiene regulations but sure it's the Beach Club! The music is soooo bad aswell. I can't believe how people can dance to such crap! I'd advise those who love Beach to get out more! To take yourselves to the BOT or even Box but then again I rather the milly's, steeks and sleezy bouncers all stayed in there and left the rest of Belfast's night life to party on...with clean hands.

Submitted by Beach Club Is Balls on 7th August 2008

the beach club is ridicilous. its like you have to be under 18 to get in. iv known people to go there for their "16th" birthday. like come on bouncers, you no the id is not them so why let them in? its also full of millys

Submitted on 16th July 2008

was at the beach on sunday and i have to say as alot of people are sayin, yas need new promotions to make the place a bit more better also need more staff bigstyle and maybe diferent music nights it can be soo repetitive. the atmosphere is alright but everytime i go i usually want outta the place, it can be too packed and myself sometimes get told that i would be a 'milly' or watever but omg the people in that place make me look like some stuck up snob, there are quite a few oompa loompas that i see and girls walkin around haf naked fair enough lads im sure use will be happy to hear that but the bouncers r a laff dey chek ur id n let da sluts in simply altho they do seem to b gettin a bit better ni, i still go but its not a place id actually recommend to anyone.

Submitted on 15th July 2008

beach club gr8 nite out, cant beat it, tues thurs sats n suns r all gd, cant beat the foam partys 1 the best nites in it :D:D

Submitted by cheryl on 19th June 2008

The Beach Club used to be the place to be...when it first opened. It is a good place to go, you always see someone you know and theres a good atmosphere. The Love Fridays they have on now are the best thing about the beach club. They surprisingly get a good line up of DJs and every Love Friday is friendly because most people are wiped out so there is none of the usual bitchyness or fighting.

Thursday nights in the beach club are kiddies club, do not go if you are over 19 unless you want to feel bad about being 20.

Sunday nights are good for a laugh, to finish of the weekend and catch up with everyone, the beach club is definatly the place to be on a sunday night. The door staff are usually dead on and funny, altho some can talk away one week and then not know who you are the next; the bar staff are usually ok, some of the female ones need to sort their attitudes out, your serving us drink...get over it and be nice about it; as long as you get your coat 20-30 mins before the end you will be out of there before 2am; the floor staff are the best ppl in there, they do their job properly and have to clean up the broken bottles while idiots continue to dance over them; the downstairs male toilets do not leave much to the imagination, the guys must just go in and piss all over the place due to the smell coming out of there by the end of the night; the bouncers should ID everyone, not one rule for one then different rules the shorter your skirt is or more revealing your top is.

The Beach Club is an ok place, but dont go expecting the night of your life because it just wont happen. Just go if you want a laugh and dont take anything about in there too serious. No matter what age you are, u will know a song to sing/dance too

Submitted by Danni on 19th June 2008

thought its was goodd crack like... but you kind of need to bring your own friends to have a good laugh... however boys were pretty good lookin.

Submitted on 4th June 2008

Ha this place used to be good.. now however aint good in the slighest- tacky, full of youngsters, daft bouncers, millie spide infested hole, the staff are th most unfriendly staff and lets face it they aint oil paintings anymore...uhg never again!

Submitted by Anon on 26th May 2008

was a good night

Submitted by adam gascoigne on 16th April 2008

Terrible, terrible club - go to somewhere with some soul, some atmosphere, some good tunes - not a spide-filled hole with music that would shame a youth club DJ.

Submitted by Pod on 3rd April 2008

The Beach Club wasn't what I was expectin, but it was still pretty good. I went on student night so it was Â�£2 in and then Â�£2 per drink, but Magners was a bit more expensive and I needed money for a taxi so I spent the rest of the night drinkin Beach Parties which are brilliant. The music was a bit cheesy but I could sing along to most of them and had a good time once I went on the dancefloor(with a considerable amount of drink in me). The place was really crowded which doesn't bother me at all, it shows how popular it is. But it took a wee while to get served when it got busier, maybe some more bar staff would be a good idea. The toilets were packed too, and not in a good way, so more guy toilets would be good as well. All in all, it was a pretty good night at the Beach Club, and I'd def. go back.

Submitted by Kyle G on 21st March 2008

beach club is good!! i always have good nite when im there!! Doormen can be a bit funny sometimes but you will get that really in any place!!!

Submitted by Krazyd17 on 20th March 2008

I'm meant to be goin to the Beach Club tmrw night for this guy's 18th but am sh*tt*n myself about gettin' past the bouncers! In all honesty, I'm a good bit over 18 now but I still look about 12. I'll have I.D. with me but sometimes that's not enough for people (i,e,, the bouncers at the Box from what I've heard) Is the BC easier to get into?

Submitted by Kyle G on 19th March 2008

just sending yous a message.. I went to the beach club on Friday night to see Scott project... i was in the place less than a hour and went out for a smoke, i wasn't allowed back in coz the doorman didn't bother giving me a stamp, he stamped my wee bro and he was also told he wasn't getting back in coz he was standing with me and we were told to go round the front.. i went round to get my coat, then i was willing to pay another �£20 in for me and my bro then i was told again by the door man that i wasn't getting in cos i have tattoos, but yet he was plastered in them.. it was a joke.. my 1st time there and i will never be back in it again..

Also while i was standing out at the front waiting on my coat, 3 other fellas where threw out coz they where standing at the bar having a drink.. them 3 fellas where threw out, and 3 people in the que where let in.. The Beach Club is a joke.. If your face doesn't fit then your ..

Submitted by vicky on 16th March 2008


Submitted by .. on 25th February 2008

i wud jus like to say the girl in the cloakroom is hot wat i wudnt do to her arghhhhh!!!!!!!! :P love d place its like my 2nd hme! plz bring mre theme nites like a pimp and hos party,popcorn nite, anoder pj party wud be good or get this the REVIVAL OF FOAM PARTY!!!!! think bout it :) x

Submitted by james on 31st January 2008

why does every1 think dat its jus millies and spides dat go to the beach club like wind ur neck in like. if ya dnt like it go sumwer else!!!!

Submitted on 24th January 2008

hey oh i love beach it is the best ever the bar staff is sooo friendly and the djs r awesome....floor staff r friendly and bouncers r hot!!!! i just love it sooo much in the place everynight its open :):):)

Submitted by beach bitch on 17th January 2008

Hell hole. Though if ur a spide or a millie or a chav u'll love it. Lol i feel sorry for all you spides, your lives are absolutely pathetic.

Submitted on 20th December 2007

beach club issssss classssss .. i love ma rave buh da beach club is all cheesy n i still llove it :)

Submitted on 12th December 2007

i LOVE beachh.. cheesey beats- what more could u want when ur well on your way ?? .. Great atmosphere, so cossyyy! Although alotta the lads think theyr the dogs balls. they really need to take a 2nd look at themselves! hot ladsss, come to beachhh!!

Submitted by Lauren on 7th December 2007

hey hey hey beach club is brill crac all the staff r a good laugh and they have reli good theme nites aswell. the drinks price and door entrance is very reasonable. i love going there and think it would be a brill place to work aswell..rock on beach club

Submitted by laura on 20th November 2007

Beach club is excellent, only bad thing to say about it, is that the bouncers spend more time perving on all the 18 year olds instead of doing there job, and they could have a bit more staff on the bars on thurs n sundays, apart from that its definatly worth a visit

Submitted by Brian on 19th October 2007

with a name like alfie do we reali care wat he says? beachclub is good craic and im not orange or a slag and i go ther!

Submitted by debz on 16th October 2007

Excuse me Alfie, That comment is really rude I'm in the Beach Club every Thursday and Saturday night maybe the odd Sunday. And I am none of those things that you have described! It's a really good club and has a good atomosphere! LOVIN ITTT!!!!!

Submitted by Hannah on 12th October 2007

I go 2 da Beach all the time its gr8, normally its full a loads a young people like me which is good, last Sat there were a bunch of old creepy guys in the back bar, they just sat ther all nite perving, one was a full McGec looked like he was stoned or somethin

Submitted by Beth on 9th October 2007

Notice how most of the people who have left reviews for this place type in text message language and it will sum up the type of wankers that frequent this god awful place. If you want to shag an oompa loompa go here. There's millions of the little orange slags. Be warned though, you may think you are on mushrooms as all the people dress the same.

Submitted by Alfie on 5th September 2007

never been before an went to the foam party on thurs nite ther, absolutely amazin!!havent had such a gd nite out in a long time an it was worth only havin three hours sleep before school the next morning!!!!!!!!!!haha point is that iwas seriously worried i was gonna get crushed to death and drowned at one point!lol but yep rly gd atmosphere!

Submitted by Zara! on 3rd September 2007

brill nyt out wudnt miss it for da world every nyt cheap drink and the staff are sooooo nice, espically the girl that takes your coat spot on luv

c ya soon

Submitted by dave on 10th August 2007

i loveeeeeeeeeeeee tha beach club ... musics a gud lafff, floor staff r friendly, bar staff r quick and tha bouncers a definate charmers lol buh sure ... n cheap drink!!!

reali if u havnt been get ther!!

n sum1 z about tha girls with hardly any clothes on ... its called tha BEACH club ... ya dnt go till tha beach wif all ur clothes on lyk


Submitted by wee mee on 23rd July 2007

i love the box so much its absolutely class defo a thumbs up!!

Submitted on 30th June 2007

i think the beach club is really good i am going tomorrow night i am not going to lie and say it is the best because it is not i like the box think that would be a better place to go but the beach club is good as well

Submitted by sarah on 22nd June 2007

I was at the Bambu Beach Club on Saturday night and it was the best night out i have had in a long time. The music, atmosphere and buzz of the crowd was unreal. I had such a blast. It was nice to go to a club with decent friendly people in it for a change instead of stuck up muscle men and posers.

Submitted by L :0) on 19th June 2007

most hideous dump ever.used to go back in the day that it was good,now its just a dump with 12 year olds everywhere.get more strict PLEASE!!!!box all the way

Submitted by // on 18th June 2007

i think the beach club is powerful n the bouncers r really helpful! cud do wif a change of music!

Submitted on 16th June 2007

went to the beach club on sat night for the first time was a good enough night only far too many people and took long time to get a drink also someone set off the fire alarm on sat night there and we still havnt got our jackets back from the clock room dont even know if they will still be der

Submitted by scott white on 4th June 2007

went on a sunday night, and i've never had a less enjoyable night in a club. spent 25 minutes waiting to get served (place was packed and only 4-5 staff on the bar - not good), although the bar staff were friendly and professional. i must have spent nearly an hour in total buying drinks. music was just constant chart dance - not much imagination on the DJ's part. total lack of atmosphere, crowd mas mostly posers and/or milies and chavs. also, if cocktails arent your thing, you'll have a crap selection of drinks to choose from. waste of a night out.

Submitted on 27th May 2007

Bambu Beach Club is brill! sucha good laff! Music good, betta later on in da nite like. bouncers are no probs, dead on!

the only prob is on a saturday nite it is totally PACKED! ya cant move, or get onto da dance floor, but it still good laff and good atmosphere!

Go try it if ya haven't!

Submitted by annon on 22nd May 2007

beach club is class love it be there every nite i can, the bar staff are friendly and quick service, the door staff are dead on overall i would recommend it to any young crowds lookin a good nite out and all the crap about under 18`s isnt true...go beachclub :)

Submitted by claire on 15th May 2007

2006 was beachs year with reopenin and all it was back on form, queue the whole way dwn the odyssey! Box tho has taken all the crowd, beach needa bring in better promotions rather than the same ones every nights, celeb pas and party games if theyr ever gona compete again! Im a beach fan til i die but its not the same! See yas on sunday!

Submitted on 4th May 2007

it is like sooooooooooo amazing. i went on a tues and was green now im red :)

Submitted on 30th April 2007

The beach club is pants. i hated it when i went and made a promise to my self that i wud never go back to that dump.It smells really bad the bouncers are nasty as hell (thats prop due to the roids)and the whole place is a mess.i think i stayed for like 1 drink which was warm so i ditched that and left.never bin so pleased to get out of somewhere.the music was so repetative its like sumat a 13 year old listens to. to b honest im quite embarresed to admit that ive ever stepped foot in the place. and any1 that has never bin b4. Dont wase yr time or money going. i wouldnt piss on the place if it was on fire.

Submitted by Beth on 24th April 2007

the beach club is brillaint the music is really good the staff r really friendly!! its a brillaint place to go to recommed it to every1

if u havent been u should try it out xx

Submitted by charmaine on 4th February 2007

The beach club has lost what it used to have. Far too many u-18's in the place, not enough bar staff on, music has went downhill and is completely out of date now. I was a big fan of the beach club but lately its changed, bring bck the old beach. on positive note, bouncers are friendly.

Submitted by Jim on 17th January 2007

good night out but can sumtime be over crowded. bouncers are all good crack except the ones on the front door who can be real rude.

but girls, dont be foooled by bouncer charm, most of them are married and just looking one thing, but they are quite charming lol, and the young women are easily fooled.

aw, well, if ya can get away wi it then fair play

Submitted by regular on 25th October 2006

luv the place....suzies a regular.....we shuld be the dancers though!!...the bouncers are class!hey!!NEED MORE FIT FELLAS!!!!!!we luv the sex on the beach jonny sherrif says he luvs the viagra a&penny luvs the flowery necklaces cya all on thursday,saturday&halloween nite=) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Submitted by suzie&hannah on 24th October 2006

LOVE IT!best place 2 be on a sun night...excellent music, cheap drink and an all round good night out.

Submitted by Jodie on 19th October 2006

my thu nite local hehe well i head beach most thu nites is great for a good nites craic all the bouncers are lovely an very dead on lots of posers in beach but hey fake it get drunk ha 2quid a drink sure ya cudnt beat it!! gettin younger now tho with all the new wee students whick can be bit dodgy i like men not boys hehe anyhows a bit of advice if ur 4 the bar dbl rounds cuz bars are all so busy and lads BEACHCLUB = GIRLS WITH HARDLY ANY CLOTHES ON i actually feel silly if ive a long skirt or trousers on lol mad!!!

Submitted by clare on 22nd September 2006

bouncers have a real problem they are cheeky arrogant if they dont like you they say no for no reason while they let girls who clearly under age in just because of short skirts i have been many times and have often seen people chucked out for mistaken identity as have i when it had just opened they need glasses i enjoy the beach club but the bouncers need to be sorted out surely theres better ones out there. i will be returning soon and hope to see if not new bounchers but them doing a better job please it would make it such a better place opinion for bouncers 0 out of 10 for the club itself 10 out of 10

Submitted by harry on 4th September 2006

ITS BRILL!!!had some of my best nites out in there.good atmosphere good people and a lot of fun!(the door men could be friendlier)

Submitted on 15th July 2006

I used to love the place. Went as often as poss but getting a little repetitive now, glad to hear they are having the place done up this summer. Can't wait to see the new Beach Club and I'l be sure to be one of the first in!

Submitted by Al on 23rd June 2006

I LUV THE BEACH CLUB!!!!! esp on a thurs nite coz its ?2 in and loadsa ppl i no go up! its fun music u can always dance and sing along to! i find it a bit hard to get drunk in tho!!! drink jus doesnt hav the same affect! bt its a gd laf and jus like any place..sumtimes it sucks bt dats mostly jus coz ur havin a bad nite! overall its a gd place i luv!

Submitted on 12th June 2006

The Beach Club is what it is. Yes cheesy music, fun atmosphere and good craic. The people that hate it 9 times out of 10 didnt get in and if they did get in and dont like it - heres one for you - dont go!. Why should Spids be let into the Beach Club anyway. Keep it a bit better class of people - leads to a better night for the rest of us

Submitted on 2nd May 2006

firstly whats wit al the gay bashing!!!!! grow up ladys!! some of my best mates are gay and they are all really nice people! the beach club is a great place and it has a really good atmosphere... the dancers are fantastic, keep it going guys, and folks dont hate them cause you ant them! the bar staff are really friendly and all hot as hell.... the music is a bit cheesey but if ya dont like it stay out and let the reat of us enjoy our selves!!

rant over! lol :)

Submitted by jp on 1st May 2006

bouncers have a serious problem..

Submitted by Lauren on 24th April 2006


I had a genuine complaint to make with the Manager about the door staff's attitude towards my group, however i found the manager to be VERY rude! I'd like to tell everyone the full story however it would be classed as slander!

Take my advice, Dont waste your time or monies!

Submitted by Marty on 11th April 2006

Been there twice, 1st time was great 2nd was not bad. Bouncers are a nightmare!!! The 2nd time we went they said theres 6 scottish folk in here already whats going on?? What we can't go on a boat or a plane across the water for a few nights out, that a new law!!

Submitted by james on 4th April 2006

i completely agree, its the cheesiest place in belfast... and can somebody PLEASE shut the dj up!!!! oh and some ATTRACTIVE female bar staff'd be great!!!

Submitted by Dee on 29th March 2006

Oh ive sudenly realised ive been to the Beach Club 3 times! Personaly i hate da place, only went cause of female friends birthday and the other 2 out of curiosity. yes its full of posers (refering to da gals as well). DA music mkes you cringe as the smell of cheese is so bloody strong and da bar staff are ppl desparate for work!! oh da DJ KEEPS TALKIN as well through ot the nite, telling u da nxt flavor of cheese. i kw wat ive writen is too long, thats cause this is how a nite at da beach club feels. Id rather spnd da nite in great old LAVERYS. ITS gt HELL of a lot more goin 4 it, IF UR A SINNER DEN IL C YA DER.

Submitted by calvin on 11th February 2006

best place in town tues, wed thurs and sat c u there them dates always first up to dance u all lovvvve it haha xox

Submitted by stevie q on 28th January 2006

The reason that there is gay male dancers is that they are best for the job and not all of them are gay. I know a few of the dancers and they are all deadly, expecially the 2 blondes they are amazing, what i owuld'nt do! aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

Submitted on 6th December 2005

poserville! but we love it! cant get enough sex on the beach...excellent girlie night out..dont get 2 wasted tho or youll end up pullin a spice boy!

hi 2 sean..r fave bouncer!

Submitted on 9th November 2005

I love the beach club, I would go every nite it is open if my bank balance let me. i would love some straight male dncers to give us some decent totty but in sayin that some of the bouncers aint bad. all in all gr8!!

Submitted by lovingit on 5th November 2005

Why have gay male dancers, it only attracts those fellas with bleached hair and groovy t-shirts!!! We want proper men.... Consider the name 'BambuGayClub'!!!

Submitted by JT on 28th October 2005

It was good music,fit bar men but need new dancers lol hate dat :) Hope there will be something good on at Halloween

Submitted by sarah cod on 29th September 2005

Complete cheese. Thats all i have to say.

Submitted by Chedder on 28th September 2005

all the men that go 2 the beach club are gay boys and most of them have died blonde hair and grovey t-shirts we need dirty ruff men and the blue beach drinks are rank. but apart from that its good

Submitted by piggy on 25th August 2005

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