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Bar Seven is set inside the Odyssey Pavilion complex. Food is severed in the evenings so this makes a good spot for parties and other events that involve a few drinks after a meal.To find Bar 7, go into the Odyssey Pavilion, go upstairs and you will find it on the right.

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Bar Seven
Odyssey Pavilion
2 Queens Quay
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Submitted by GONE on 5th September 2010

Well, I will never be back! The food was cold. Our table was served by staff who were only interested in sending text messages and talking to one another. They couldn't Care less!! There are so many negative points it is not possible for me to list them all. One of the worst is simply that the premises are filthy. I would also highlight the fact that BAR SEVEN is selling split packs of multi pack beer! The Budweiser bottles clearly stated "Multi pack - not for individual resale" they were 300ml bottles, consistent with those sold by supermarkets for 50p a bottle. Bar Seven were selling these at �£3.30 each. When challenged regarding this by a friend of mine he was told "if he didn't like Bar Sevens product, he could go elsewhere!" Well Bar Seven it will be a pleasure. We had travelled into Belfast from North Down, we could not have been more disappointed. Oh! the manager was even less interested than his staff. In summary "Bar seven is a joke and by far the worst eating house / bar I have ever had the misfortune to visit! Please never grace its door with your presence.

Submitted by A Allen on 9th May 2010

Went for a meal in Bar Seven before attending the X factor and what an absolute disaster. The place was disgusting and after queuing to get in and waiting 1 1/2 hours for our meal it was that bad I refused to pay for it. And we werent alone. They were queuing up to complain to the manager who really didnt care. He said it didnt matter if people had to eat with their plates on their laps as long as he got them through the door. I ordered the so called 'wok fried beef teryaki' and seriously it looked like poo!! and tasted not much better. Im warning everyone to stay away from this dump.

Submitted on 2nd April 2010

Went there Saturday 13 March, been to a few bars first, arrived 11.30 its used to be a great venue plenty of people, craic etc, gawd awful as one of the other comments said you'd have more fun at a funeral, yep the corpse probably would!! Stay away unless revamp and renew the place

Submitted by kassa68 on 15th March 2010

Went here on Sat night and it was dead! more people and fun at a funeral!

Bouncers where really nice tho

Submitted by Minx on 17th August 2009

heyy i went to bar seven on easter monday there nd av to say i lved it went wit 2 m8s music was gd staff wer very friendly nd so wer the bounces nd all use ppl sayin thet the bouncers r bein all 2 serious thats there job nd u must of done sumfin roung 4 them to react r else they wudnt of done anythin i thought they wer reli deadon lyk.that was the first time ive been there but defff not the last time :D

thanks to all da bar7 staff yas wer great had a brill time:D x

Submitted by janette on 16th April 2009

i was in bar 7 on the 23rd of january to help out with my friend's mums event she was throwing. the bar staff were fine but the door men let the athority go to there head. someone approached me and tried to start a fight and before anything was said or could be done i was dragged by my throat outside with my heels dragging along simply because i am a big guy. the door staff never approached me to talk, there was no physical contact between me and the person trying to start a fight and yet i was dragged out of the place. was a good night apart from the door staff. BAR7 GET IT SORTED!!!!

Submitted by alan on 25th January 2009

It's great if you like drunk older men with tattoos - no thanks! won't be back

Submitted by Debbie on 14th January 2009

I love it - me and my mates are in our 30s and this is one of the few places we like us the guys are at georgous and not too young. Good crowd, great music for dancin' - love the 80s stuff. we'll be back! x x

Submitted by Michelle on 14th January 2009

i love bar seven and as for the doormen you treat them with respect and you will get it back. def a place for the weekend when it is hiving it is great love everything about it

Submitted by bar sevens number one on 27th November 2008

Bouncer's in bar seven need to be taught how to smile.Some of them let it go to their head. After all they are only a person standing at a door.As for the young manager on a saturday nite talking to some staff like they are dirt in front of customer's is a disgrace.This will continue untill senior management step in.

Submitted by mike on 29th December 2007

i was there last weekend and did not like it at all me and my girlfriend went out for dinner and when i asked to speak with tha manger as i had a hair in my food i told him what was wrong and he said he didnt have the time to deal with me?? now to me that shows he isant a prober manger??? then i seen hime take two staff mambers in to a fire exit and i could still hear him shout at them if i was a manger i would take them to my office but ov he dont know what is doing wont be back

Submitted on 22nd October 2007

went for a meal here on saturday evening i thought the bar staff quite rude and the quality of our dinner very poor, wouldnt go back, im being very polite by saying poor, but there was 20 odd of us and some of us hardly touched our dinners which definately werent great

Submitted by Lesley on 8th October 2007

Went here for a friends birthday, the food was rubbish and thats being polite, a girl was going round the tables after people had finished meals with a obvious sign that they know things need to be improved! We stayed on for drinks, a very rough crowd made us all feel uneasy, bar staff are very friendly though.

Submitted on 13th August 2007

Spent my hen night there on Friday night. Bar 7 was one of the very few places agreed to accommodate us despite the fact we were dressed in silly outfits. They put us on the guest list and I was given a free bottle of bubbly when I got there.. cheap as it was, it was still a nice gesture. Manageress, and door staff were friendly and chatty. No complaints about the night at all... Thank you Bar 7!!!!!!

Submitted by Happy Hen on 25th March 2007

I found the night both enjoyable and entertaining, the doorstaff and bar staff were friendly and the music was top notch. I will be back.

Submitted by monstermunch on 14th January 2007

I was once a regular at Bar 7 and really enjoyed it. The bar is always lively and good fun. I had not been for a few months and arrived at 22:00. Myself and three freinds were told we were not allowed in, as we were drunk. None of us had anything to drink at all, not a wine gum between us. We were smart / casual dressed no tattoos, not bosterous, mid thirties and could see no reason why we were not allowed in. We asked to speak to the manager who also said we were too drunk. I have travelled the world and went to all sorts of places. I am therefore disappointed that bouncers with such a bad, tiny minded attitude in my home city refused me entry for no valid reason. Obviously dim wits who have never had any responsiblility for anything in their lives and now this wee bit of power has just gone to their heads. When I did go regularly the bouncers never smiled, they just try to be hard men....hard boiled heads. I will not be back

Submitted by Graham Hill on 18th December 2006


Submitted by JOE BLOGGS on 1st August 2006

i thought that the music was brilliant. staff were very friendly and i throughly enjoyed myself. the variety of drinks was superb and reasonably priced. i would recommend that you go there if you are lloking for a good dance and an enjoyable night out. thank you bar seven for a brilliant night!!

Submitted by brendan on 31st March 2006

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