Auntie Annies (CLOSED)

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Auntie Annies

Established in 1999, Auntie Annies Porterhouse has quickly become a familiar landmark on Belfasts golden mile. Founded on the core principles of good music, good beer and good times, Auntie Annies provides a welcome relief from the fads and trends of belfast nightlife.

Auntie Annie's is painted black on the outside so it's no wonder that Annie's boozers soon come out onto the streets and take up a table when it gets hot on the Dublin Road. Though they do a good number of nights themselves - including the legendary 'Skibunny' on Saturday and 'Frisky Disco' on a Thursday - many people have a few drinks here before heading off further into the city centre - unless they can't resist the music coming from upstairs.

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Auntie Annies
44 Dublin Road
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Customer Comments and Reviews of Auntie Annies

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Door staff are horrible will never be going back, the owner needs to sort this out cause this has happened too often now!

Submitted on 6th February 2012

A very quiet bar, almost verging on boring.lacking in atmosphere Extremely rude door staff. wont be back.

Submitted on 3rd December 2011

A bit overcrowded sometimes, but nice when it's quiet.

Submitted on 31st October 2011

Nice wee local bar and most bouncers are friendly (well apart from 2;), who could do with being trained in customer service).

Upstairs has some great bands as well.

Only annoyance is that downstairs can get a wee bit boring sometimes as the only music usually is the quiet duke box.I say turn it up abit nd get the party started!

Submitted on 18th December 2010

great bar.

Submitted on 28th June 2010

Great wee bar, atmospheric and good fun even if it is a little expensive. Staff where fine and the music was class. A great wee venue for a pre-swall or a casual drink.

Submitted by Averageguy on 6th July 2009

let me guess kaneo the fella in question asked you to leave well you must have deserved it shame your mouthing off in here and not to his face.

Submitted by doorstaff on 24th October 2008

only one problem with this bar one dodgy johnny hero look alike bouncer secretly waiting till u have had a few then throwing you out because he can. apart from that great bouncers bar staff nn the wonderful next big thing kerryanne god that girl can sing xo

Submitted by kaneo on 5th September 2008

Great place to be, brings in some amazing new talent, but make sure to wear an outfit you don't mind getting beer spilt over!

Submitted by Sazzles on 10th July 2008

some howls - datz all i have to say!!

Submitted by pat blair on 18th January 2008

used to be a great spot but rapidly taking over from the Venue as choice of drinking establishment for the under-18's... Great selection of beers though and decent pint of Guinness

Submitted on 20th December 2007

Listen - I am a big fan of AAs and I drink there regularly as I work nearby.

However, I have one major bone of contention. At 6pm every Friday some Alanis Morrisette wannabe (male or female) starts wailing and strumming at 100 decibels. Now I dont mind some evening entertainment but at 6pm you are just starting your Friday night and want to have a bit of banter. Unfortunately you cannot hear yourself think in there. The amount of people standing outside Aunties at 6-6.30pm on a Friday tells a sad tale.

Start the entertainment at 8pm please!! Then people are slightly blocked and dont mind shouting in eachothers ears.

Also - on a Friday evening I am generally in a good mood and don't want to see some hairy, ginger minger singing Hurt a la Jonny Cash in a high pitched voice and ruining my mood. So no Cash, No Morrissey on Fridays please.

Next time I cant hear myself drink at 6pm in Auntie Annies, I will take that guitar and bash the hoors brains in.

Submitted by Buzz Meeks on 7th December 2007

luv it was a nice wee quite drink with da girl or even as a starting point b4 goin on 2 a club!!

Submitted by DM from belfast on 22nd August 2007

Best night is the Fussy Pussy event, top sounds, also like the graphics and free cd.

Submitted by John G on 28th June 2007

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