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21 Social bar and restaurant. Now Open. 21 Social offers three floors of exquisite libations, delectable eats and carefully curated sounds.

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1 Hill Street
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Was there last night with 2 of my friends, had a ball music and atmosphere was brill. Staff where all really friendly and very attentive any drinks spilled or glasses smashed it was cleaned right away. Served at bar almost straight away every time thanks for such a good night will def be back 😊.

Submitted by sinead on 12th September 2015

Again, came here on friday night. Dredded in a black Armani Suit, Driving so no alcohol was being consumed by myself, I was staying in the Merchant hotel. Im 27 so not too young or too old and I was on my own. Yet aparently I was not allowed in at 10pm because I wasnt dressed appropriatly, A �£2000 Armani suit is not appropriate, do these bouncers even know what an Armani suit looks like. There are better and friendlier places to go.

Submitted by michael on 9th October 2014

After a few drinks and dinner in cafe vaudeville where I could have stayed all night - this place was a complete disgrace as I didn't even get in! Apparently I was too drunk and arrogant to enter according to the idiot doormen! Pathetic since all I wanted to do was meet some friends inside without drinking further - after the birthday friend came to the door to plead with them they still wouldn't budge no matter how apologetic I was. This is completely ridiculous and I won't think for a second about returning to this establishment, furthermore I will actively discourage others from doing the same.

Submitted by Chris Henry on 12th January 2014

My friends and I went to belfast to stay over for the night and we wanted to go somewhere different than usual. We ended up in 21 social now from all the reviews I have read on here it kind of put me off but since they weren't recent I gave it a chance and glad I did we have the best night.There is 3 floors and we went up to the middle one the drink was reasonably price and admission Â�£5 but you could have just stayed down on the bottom floor there was a mixed crowd you just danced where you were which we liked as we didn't want to put our drink down. The staff were lovely and very pleasant the fella upstairs was very friendly when we were talking to him and the 2 boys at the front door it was lashing and my friend wanted food and one of the door fellas gave her a umbrella to she ran down the road to get it which was very helpful and kind.We thought the music was very good too a mixed set by the DJ so all in all a very good night had by us now we know where we will be going when we go to belfast again:)

Submitted by cleo on 24th June 2013

Nice place but Door staff are a JOKE !!! Went 3 times in april got in once and got turned away once for to casual dressed even tho wore the same cloths a number of weeks earlier and 2nd time for apparently having been drinking even tho I got a parking space on the street at the entrance. Will be thinking of other places next time so will a number of my friends as the same type of stuff has happened to them. if your face don't fit don't bother!!!!!

Submitted by Marti on 7th May 2012

Nice place to go for pre club drinks, service was pretty good and friendly I have been many times and have never had any complaints

Submitted by Holly on 16th March 2012

Still a good night out. Real mix of age groups but middle floor tends to be younger. Yes there are a few spice boys around the place, but its Belfast what do you expect? Music is a bit more commercial now in the VIP, but personally I like recognising the odd tune. No complaints in the past and still none now, still a stylish bar compared to the majority of places in Belfast.

Submitted on 21st February 2012

This place is for the brave or stupid only. Over 21 ????? The crowd was rough and young. Drinks when you eventually got served were poor (cocktails). Music was the same old same old. Staff looked and behaved unhappy to be working. Avoid this place if you want a good night. Decor is certainly looking a bit tired and grubby. Glad we changed our mind about eating in the place. Avoid Saturday nights in this venue.

Submitted by Mary Moore on 31st December 2011

21 social has really went to the dogs! Awful crowd, awful music! Not recommended!

Submitted by Richard on 27th November 2011

Went to 21 social on Saturday night, hadn't been in since before the summer. It's the new Cafe Vaudeville. Bad music and bad crowd spread across 3 floors. Such a shame as it's a lovely venue and never had a problem with the door staff, always pleasant!

Submitted by Jo on 26th November 2011

I used to like going to Cigarette Girl upstairs. It was always a place where you heard decent dance, old skool music, and was never too packed. You were also able to get a bit of a boogie as well. I went on Saturday a week ago expecting the same type of vibe, but was a bit disappointed to say the least. The music was just the same as you get downstairs, some current dance songs mixed with quite a lot of cheesey girlie r

Submitted on 1st November 2011

Nice place, great music BUT door staff are a disgrace. It's understandable refusing entry to someone not dressed appropriately but the manner in which they do it is wrong. Ignorant, cheeky, smug, arrogant, big headed..............

I went to this place once and left early and while waiting outside on a few friends making their way out I stood and observed this. A few chocolate boys wearing more make-up than some of the girls in the place thinking they are someone because theiy're earning the min wage to stand at a door!!! Not a bad club but door staff are a major off put. Bar staff were fine.

Submitted by Pub Spy on 19th October 2011

After a god awful night out tonight I will not be back. Standards have really slipped in 21 social. Very young crowd, I would have been better somewhere in the odyssey, Rihanna seems to like it there. Such a shame.

Submitted by Alison on 2nd October 2011

For Stuart... Just to let you know most nightclubs in belfast do not allow boots as they see it as a health and safety issue due to the damage that can be cause by them in a fight ( not saying you

Submitted by Dee on 13th September 2011

I had dinner in the restaurant last weekend. The food was awful but our waitress was lovely. Then we paid to go to the VIP room.... VIP?? It was the same as the other room only more expensive and I'm not sure where the VIP's were as it was very young girls running around with not much on and pervy old men letching over them, not a pleasant experience. Change of crowd required

Submitted by Yvonne on 12th September 2011

Recently went to 21social, had table booked, got to the door and bouncer stated that my sons shoes were not to their standard, with much to do he let us take up our booking, when we got in the staff who were serving were wearing the same shoes, converse, if you are setting standards at your door make sure your staff are at the same standard. the meal was good but i am so glad your business can turn people away with what shoes they have on.

Submitted by ELAINE on 15th August 2011

Stayed in the Merchant and experienced most of the bars in the area. 21 social by far the biggest disappointment. I had heard good reviews but the lunch menu was limited, the food was cold and the portions were tiny. The building was lovely and I especially liked the back bar but there wasn't enough seating in the bar for us older people. All in all it was disappointing.

Submitted on 11th August 2011

One bouncer in particular was very nice, was wearing a smart jacket and got ink stamped on the inside of my wrist .. Bouncer started to say something and was expecting the usual wido banter you get but he was actually telling me to be careful I don't get ink on the jacket.

Doesn't sound like much but when you're used to a lot of the really unpleasant and almost aggressive bouncers in town I thought it was a nice touch.

Submitted by michael on 26th July 2011

Give a pretentious upstart a black shirt and an advertising umbrella and the "authority" will most definitely go to his head! Been to most clubs/bars in Belfast (including this one) and never have I came across such rudeness and ignorance from door staff! Very disappointing. The reason was..."by law I don't need a reason!" This was only one member of the door staff, the rest were sniggering in a huddle!! Extremely unprofessional and bad first impression for potential new customers.

Submitted on 25th June 2011

Been here a few times and it is a good spot. Nice clientelle and a good friendly feel...except the bouncers. Last time they turned away two pals of mine and told them they weren't smart enough. OK one looked like a Lumberjack, check shirt, faded jeans and Timberlands. But 75% of blokes in Belfast dress like that on a saturday night!! Just for your info I was in an All Saints shirt, Diesel Jeans and Patrick Cox shoes...yes I do not come from Belfast!

Submitted by Stuart on 14th May 2011

had a meal then upstairs for drinks! staff a bit stuffy and club got sooo busy u couldnt even move! music was fantastic though!!

Submitted by judith on 5th May 2011

10 of us ladies went for a meal, seeing there was alot of us it was a set menu which was �£20 for 3 courses, excellent value as the food was very good and so was the service. We stayed at our table and enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. Would definitly go back!! Great night!!

Submitted by loulou on 20th February 2011

Modern design but lacking in intimacy and any sort of welcoming feeling. Overly serious doormen also detract from the overall ambience. Worth a look If you can get in and can stand the overall apathy of the place.

Submitted by Gabhan on 21st January 2011

what is the closing time?

Submitted by mark on 2nd December 2010

The place is modern with plenty of airy space.

However the door staff are monkeys, a friend who was minding his own business was frog marched out arm behind back. When questionning the bouncer outside his repsonse oh sorry mistaken identity! poor

Submitted by Paul C on 21st September 2010

Is it over 21?

Submitted on 24th August 2010

To be fair the place is very nice and he door staff are ok, service is a bot slow but no differant from old potthouse.

Submitted by Regular Punter on 20th August 2010

Bouncers are extremely ignorant and refused us entry and would not give a reason as to why. Went back the following week and got in but too busy, bar service poor and not enough seats, wont be back!

Submitted by comber chick on 15th August 2010

was busy at the weekend but service is terrible n the bar staff r so damn slow if u want 2 spend ur entire night in a queue 4 drinks n then get them served slopily this is the place 2 go

Submitted by leanne on 13th August 2010

First time at 21 social and will be back, nice atmosphere, music and nice crowd. definately talent to be found if your looking. took a while to get served but i think any popular bar on a saturday night is going to be like that.

Submitted by Cara on 13th August 2010

Very trendy Bar, well decorated, but that would be it, looks like professional cocktail bar but it is not, bartenders dosnt have clue what are they doing, telling unreal stories about orgins of cocktails ! As a professional barman with 15years of expirence working for bar magazine have to say No to this place.

Submitted by Mark on 8th August 2010

ne1 know is it over 21 or over 18?

Submitted by Emma on 4th August 2010

well you must of been in a different place because i was there table of 4 and we thought it was fantastic food music atmosphere . i will be back

Submitted by louise on 26th July 2010

Was there sat night, staff were great, place very trendy and very busy.

Food was really disappointing not what I was expecting but was reasonably priced.

Submitted on 25th July 2010

Only was in this place for about an hour and half...had to leave because it was bunged and the air conditioning wasn't turned on...I was close to sweating like a trooper!

Added to that it took almost 30 minutes for my mate to get served...I was dying of thirst!

Well decorated...a very trendy crowd (the usual jeans and blazer male crowd were evident)...if you haven't been there before the toilets are not well signposted.

Music was good now..DJ was very passionate doing his mixing!

Could be tempted to go back there once Ollies has been refurbished and it is less crowded...but won't be rushing back!

Submitted by Ballina Boy on 18th July 2010

The door staff are not nice at all!! they turned us away,first time its ever happened!! said it was guest list only which i think they were tellin lies

Submitted on 18th July 2010

I have been in 21 twice now, The first time was the VIP opening nite and the second time was Friday past..... Both times I have really enjoyed it, it has been busy but not over crowded, the staff are very efficent and attentive. Belfast's Best Niteclub- FACT!

Submitted by Conor Donaghy on 16th July 2010

i think the bar staff and owners very sexy xxxxxxxx see u all sat

Submitted by paul mckenna on 13th July 2010

looks like office building outside looks good inside but thats the best can be said about it

Submitted by sonya on 7th July 2010

looks fab but something missin service alright but all been done before

Submitted by cara on 7th July 2010

Looks good but no atmosphere

Submitted on 28th June 2010

Went to 21 social last weekend and it is DEFINITELY the new place to be in Belfast!! It oozes style and the atmosphere is exactly what Belfast has been missing!

Submitted by Kitty on 28th June 2010

my god the food, atmosphere and people was fantastic what more can i say than that i will be back

Submitted by louise on 27th June 2010

It was fitted out by Marcon Shop Fitters and designed by Soon Interiors. Great stuff both are local I think. Very different for Belfast and great food.

Submitted by Jim on 22nd June 2010

I was there friday night. Brilliant place. Anyone know who did the fitout? Fantastic attention to detail!

Submitted by Bar fly on 21st June 2010

I was there on the VIP opening night and I was really impressed with 21 Social. The staff were attentive and quick with drinks orders. The food was gorgeous and the design is fantastic! Highly recommend!

Submitted by Karen on 21st June 2010

I was there last night. Good spot, very fancy decor,a mixture of different types of music and cool people. Downstairs is a bar, the middle floor is more of a trendier type music bar/club, while the top floor is vip. It did get very packed though, so we left and went elsewhere after a few drinks.

Submitted on 20th June 2010


Submitted by JODIE on 18th June 2010

it has a vip opening tonight then its main opening this weekend

Submitted by .. on 16th June 2010

When does 21 Social open?

Submitted on 14th June 2010

The good news is that the Potthouse is getting a major facelift by an award winning designer - Watch out!!! coming soon

Submitted by Badger on 19th March 2010

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